The mayor 'Cutrollos' by Bilbao and its alleged fences in the restaurants of Athletic President

Go the Bilbao Chavalry Something bounced with the Mayor of the city, Juan Mari Aburto (60), of the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV), to the point that Peyorific M

The mayor 'Cutrollos' by Bilbao and its alleged fences in the restaurants of Athletic President

Go the Bilbao Chavalry Something bounced with the Mayor of the city, Juan Mari Aburto (60), of the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV), to the point that Peyorific Motses begin to fall as "BABRO" and other word games more offensive with his surname. The main detonator is the policy against the nightlife of the City Council and, by extension, of the Basque Government (also in the hands of PNV), on the occasion of the Covid. A tension that reached its highlight last week, during the non-celebration of the Non-Holidays of Bilbao Grande, Aste Nagusia. With an overwhelming police deployment, Ertzaintza and municipal agents were thoroughly used not only to prevent bottles, but also to dissolve any human group that was on public road.

All this, a month later than one of the episodes more idle episodes of the management of the pandemic. After the obligation of the mask was removed on the street, Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu requested the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, who would allow himself in the Basque Country to be mandatory the use of exterior tapabocas, as well as the return of the curfew. Sánchez said no, so Basque president presented a decree that, among other things, made the use of mask on beaches and pools. The Basque courts knocked down the measure and Urkullu transformed it into a request to citizenship, although it was limited the opening hours of establishments up to 1 in the morning, as it is still valid.

So the powers of the Basque Country, one of the areas of Spain that suffered more incidence of the Coronavirus, have chosen to point out those who consider responsible for the high figures. Thus, the Basque Health Counselor, Gotzone Sagardui, this week accused those who participated in insoidarious bottles: "There are certain groups of people who do not show a compliance with preventive measures. This denotes a lack of solidarity. The breach of the Restrictions can not only involve your own contagion, but the expansion of the virus ".

In a parallel, the medium 'El Salto' published a few days ago a information on which it pointed out that three administrations (City Council of Bilbao, Provincial Council of Vizcaya and Basque Government) have awarded at least 37,308,20 euros in contracts and subsidies to the Company Baielizegi SL. for restoration services. This company is owned by Aitor Elizegi (55), cook and president of Athletic Club of Bilbao since 2018.

Elizegi, "pretty boy" of Vizcaína restoration, has three establishments in Bilbao: Txocook, Bascoook and Basquery. The three in the same area of the city.

According to 'El Salto', the expenses were carried out charged to the public budgets of the institutions. In the case of the Bilbaíno Consistory, the disbursement would correspond to about 15,000 euros, of which the mayor would have reflected in the first quarter of 2021, in full pandemic, expenses of 2,500 euros in meals in the aforementioned restaurants. Consulted by this supplement, official sources of the City Council have declined to make any statement on this matter.

Winner of the Euskadi Gastronomy Award for the best restorer in 2000, Elizegi happened to the former footballer Josu Urrutia at the head of the Bilbaine football institution. Sooner arriving at the presidency he appointed the former Madridista Rafael Alkorta sports director of the club.

Regarding its political location, Elizegi is affiliated with the PNV, although the party chaired by Andoni Opuzar publicly supported his rival in the elections to the presidency of Athletic Club de Bilbao, Alberto Uribe-Echevarria.

During his term, Athletic has lost two consecutive King's Cups (both, during this year, due to changes in the calendar caused by the pandemic): the first against Real Society and the second against F.C. Barcelona. However, he has achieved a title: that of the supercopa, also in this 2021.

As for Aburto, he arrived at the Mayor after the 2015 municipal elections, thanks to the support of the Socialist Councilors, who renovated the covenant four years later. Previously, the first Edil Bilbai had worked as a counselor and social policies of the Basque Government between 2012 and 2015.

According to the transparency portals, Aburto is the third mayor that Spain's most charges, with annual emoluments that are around 108,000 euros.

Despite "vigorously" the incidents related to anti-party measures, Aburto sent this week a congratulations to his fellow citizens: "I want to thank Bilbainos and Bilbainas for attending health measures and not falling into incivoring attitudes and Insolidarious, "he wrote in his official profiles, while expressed his" recognition of the professional work of the municipal police and Ertzaintza for the effective device deployed ".

Date Of Update: 05 September 2021, 11:16

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