The new Greta independent of his parents: many cojones and send shit to politicians while his sister Beata prepares a musical

Greta Thunberg (18) NEVER CONGENGED WITH DONALD TRUMP, rather it was his nemesis, but it does seem to have followed partly that the recommendation made by the A

The new Greta independent of his parents: many cojones and send shit to politicians while his sister Beata prepares a musical

Greta Thunberg (18) NEVER CONGENGED WITH DONALD TRUMP, rather it was his nemesis, but it does seem to have followed partly that the recommendation made by the American Former One ("Chill, Greta, Chill") after that famous and furious speech of 2019 In which Swedish activist abriscated world leaders in the UN at UN headquarters. "How Dare You", she expressed them with a disapplicant gesture.

Although he has not given an apex in his militancy, his recent age has given way to a new less tense, wider, who is still without giving truce, but he also finds a certain hole for humor. Although it is not always the taste of all, as when this week stole the protagonism at the Glasgow opening of COP26, the climate summit, singing a song aimed at politicians to wander their troops just before a manifestation: "you can Meter your climate crisis in the ass ... ". Then, while still smiling, she continued to hurry into the crowd: "No more exploitation, no more blah, blah, blah, no more than herself are doing there inside."

The new Greta, who has promised Sarna on Twitter that there will be no more SOEZ language on his part, is probably the result of the changes that have occurred in his life in recent months: he has become independent, has returned to the Institute, has He was covered in Vogue, and family activities are going in stern, with his mother, Malena Ernman, and his sister, Beata, starring a musical on Edith Piaf at a Stockholm theater.

Indeed, Greta now lives alone in a given apartment, or rather accompanied by his two dogs, Labrador Roxy and Golden Retriever Moses. There he combines school homework with activism in the Organization FRIDAYS FOR FUTURE: "When you have the feet on earth, it is not so difficult to return to normal life, and fortunately I reside in Sweden, where people do not care so much about the famous . So they leave me calm. " Due to the pandemic, the movement has become accustomed to meeting online, which makes you gain time to Greta for really important: "I try to be efficient, do all homework while I am at school, so that when you go home I can work And do other things. "

Not far from your apartment, near the center of the Swedish capital, it was where Fridays for Future organized the local edition of Climate Live last October, a series of concerts that took place in cities around the world to raise awareness of young people about Climatic challenges. There he saw the new Greta in all the splendor of her. As an introduction to the event, she sang and danced with enthusiasm, a duo with Andreas Magnusson, another of the organizers, a challenging version of the olyntero of Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up.

Of course, then he distributed his usual estopa: "The world is now in an existential crisis that is already charging innumerable lives and destroying societies. The climate crisis will not occur in the future, it is already here. The politicians and the powers continue to be here. As before, they just talk to look like they do something. Actually, we know very well that the change will not come from them. It will happen when people are fed up. It depends on us. "

More endowed for music, his mother, Malena, opera singer, and his younger sister, Beata, premiered the Musical Piaf for Ever at the Göta Lejon Theater. 61 representations until March 5, 2022. Malena is the adult PIAF; Beata, the youthful piaf. Together is supposed to "portray the interior and exterior reality of Edith through dialogue between the adult self and the adolescent." At the moment, with great success of the public and critic, very impressed the latter, like the tabloid Aftonbladet, for the talent of the little Thunberg-Ernman: "Blessed approaches the Piaf bell in some of the songs, has a presence Awesome and detach confidence on stage. In his vocal numbers is the nerve of the night. "

Greta also had his portion of Glamur with the cover that he dedicated him in August the Scandinavian edition of Vogue. Although apart from the pastoral stamps, with Icelandic horse included, in which it was photographed by the Swedish duo Alexandrov Klum, the interview contained the usual darts to the powerful and a devastating attack against the fashion industry: "It contributes greatly to the Climate crisis, not to mention its impact on the innumerable workers and communities exploited around the world so that some enjoy a fast and disposable fashion. They want to make us believe that fashion brands begin to assume their responsibility, spending huge amounts in campaigning In which they are presented as sustainable, ethical and green. Let's be clear: this is almost never more than pure greenwashing. You can not produce mass fashion or consume sustainably as it is configured today. That's why we need A change of system ".

Greta explained to Vogue that he did not buy clothes three years ago, nor new, nor second-hand: "I only have things that lend me people I know". Even so, she did not manage to come out indemnge from the report. The fault had a couple of woolen garments that looked in the photos and that provoked a small storm of animalist indignation on social networks: "A vegan who carries wool and promotes cruelty towards animals?", "Absolutely despicable, sheep are not for us to use the humans by very sustainable that it is its exploitation, "or" Greta said it was vegan, but exploiting the bodies of the sheep is not very vegan because they all ended up "were some of the messages thrown against the Young activist.

Peta, the powerful international organization of defense of the rights of animals, left however in its defense: "We have been able to confirm that it was not aware that the clothes with which it was photographed was made of real wool."

Updated Date: 08 November 2021, 16:57

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