The past that pursues Karim Benzema: Be careful, they are very bad guys

On October 8, 2015, Karim Benzema and Mathieu Valbuena were holders in the friendly match that faced France with Armenia in Nice (4-0). It would be the last o

The past that pursues Karim Benzema: Be careful, they are very bad guys

On October 8, 2015, Karim Benzema and Mathieu Valbuena were holders in the friendly match that faced France with Armenia in Nice (4-0). It would be the last one with the Bleus of Valbuena, which today is 37 years old and does his race at Olympiakos Greek. The 9 of Real Madrid did not become summoned until this summer. On the ground, nobody would say that the footballers, until then in good relationship, had kept a tense conversation two days before the match in Clairefontaine, the place of concentration of the Gala Selection, which would mark their lives.

Benzema intervened to advise his partner or was the spokesperson for the Chantajists who wanted to take Valbuena 100,000 € in exchange for destroying a sexual video that had drawn from the footballer's mobile? That issue, and the guilt or not of several subjects whose participation in blackmail is more evident, should be directed from here on Friday in the correctional court of Versailles. The sentence may take months.

Benzema does not look at sight. The eve played in Kiev and Sunday he has an appointment at the Camp Nou, justified his lawyers. The Prosecutor's Office and the President of the Court accepted the apology. Valbuena, no: "Six years ago we await this trial. We are all, Karim is missing. It is a pity". The lawyer was more explicit: "We have been waiting for a rise with valbuen for five years. We believe that Benzema fears him. He pretends his sports career to him with justice ".

That October 6, 2015, Benzema asked Valbuena a solo encounter. They were seen for 20 or 25 minutes in the Room of Madrid. As the victim said, the interlocutor of him told him as an entrance: "Math, there is a video. Hot. I have seen it, be careful Math, are very bad guys ». Valbuena stated that Benzema affirmed that he could "present someone confidence to manage" the matter.

The sextape victim declared before the court that came out of the "scared" and "annoying" interview. She admitted that Madrid was not aggressive although "insistent" to see the intermediary. Valbuena also declared the court that Benzema did no mention to money but he added: "When an issue is arranged as this is not in exchange for tickets for a party." What Benzema did not know on his day is that Valbuena had denounced several previous calls claiming money so as not to spread the video of him practicing sex with the couple of him. The police intercepted a telephone conversation in which Benzema realized the interview of him with valbue to the childhood friend of him, Karim Zenati.

KB.- I have already seen the guy. I think he does not take us seriously.

Kz.- Are not going to loosen?

Benzema explains his interlocutor that he has assured the blackmaente that there are no copies of the video and who said: "If you want the video to be destroyed, my friend comes to see you from Lyon».

Kz.- We are here to fix it. If he does not want, he manages with the piranhas.

KB.- They are going to meet him. The piranhas are going to eat it, brother.

The two Karim are friends since they were kids at Baron's Lyonese neighborhood. One made a career in football. The other, on the somber side of the street. Since he was stopped for the first time for theft at age 12, he has held 24 mentions. He has been in jail for armed robbery and cannabis resin traffic. But Benzema has not forgotten him. And he participates in the reintegration of him: He hits him as an administrative assistant in his best of Benzema society with a net salary of € 3,000 per month. Before, in 2014, he invited him to the Brazil World Cup.

A month after the meeting between Benzema and Valbuena, the two Karim are arrested by the police. Before the Court of Versailles, the footballer of "complicity in attempt at blackmail" is accused. He can be sentenced to five years in prison and a fine of 75,000. It is advisable to know that against the sentence, which could take months, there is a resource. Although he was condemned in both instances, Benzema in principle would not have to enter prison, for lack of antecedents.

His brother Zenati and the other four defendants must respond as a blackmail attempt. These are, in chronological order of intervention in the matter: Axel Angot, Chico for all of Marseille's football world. Valbuena asked him to transfer the mobile data from him to a new one. He caught the piggy video and thought it would serve him to pay a debt of € 25,000. Also imputed for trusted abuse.

Mustapha Zouaoui, friend of the previous and brain of the plot. As both were known as Valbuena, they thought about third parties to contact and blackmail the owner of the video. Among them, a player of soccer players in Marseille, Younes Houass, who contacted the footballer and with the policeman who passed through Valbuena representative after presenting this complaint. Zouaoui went to Madrid to a meal between Benzema and his brother Zenati.

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