The prosecutor of the 'Case Ardines' asks the jury to condemn the four defendants by murder

The trial for the death of the councilor of UU in Llanes, Javier Ardines, in August 2018, is coming to an end. After having heard the account of the numerous

The prosecutor of the 'Case Ardines' asks the jury to condemn the four defendants by murder

The trial for the death of the councilor of UU in Llanes, Javier Ardines, in August 2018, is coming to an end. After having heard the account of the numerous witnesses cited over these weeks, this Thursday the prosecutor Belén Rico has returned to the Popular Jury to insist that "he is sure that the four defendants -Pedro Nieva, Jesus Muguruza, Djilali Benatia and Maamar Kelii- are guilty. "

"If I had any doubt, I would have withdrawn the accusation, but I have no doubt and that is why I ask for the condemnation of the four defendants of a crime of murder," the prosecutor said. "I express myself expressly for the condemnation of the four because I know that they are guilty, I ask for justice for the victim and the family of the deceased and I ask them common sense and add", he has an impact of Belén Rico.

With the one on Thursday, they are already 14 the trial sessions that began on November 2. In the bench, four defendants face a 25-year penalty for the murder of Edil Llanis. Son Pedro snow accused of inducing crime, Jesús Muguruza, supposed intermediary and the two alleged Sicarios, Djilali Benatia and Maamar Kelii.

Rico has reminded the jury that "she has not received pressures, nor does it represent the State, but what he does is seek the truth, which is what differentiates him from the rest of the parties that defend some interests." She also she has warned that what the defenses are looking for is "to look for a resquice and then ask for the nullity" of the process. She has also thanked the magistrate of Llanes the good work of her during the instruction of the case.

The prosecutor has asked the jury to be read by the declaration of Djilali Benatia before the court of Llanes, which has been repeatedly referred to in his final report, so that they can see the contradictions in which the defendant has fallen and considered " absurd "his accusations against the civil guard to coerce or press him.

It has also been rejecting other issues highlighted during the defenses, as it was not justified the incommunicado of the detainees or the presence of the agents in the room in its statement before the court of Llanes.

Belén Rico has also been convinced that Pedro Nieva made the decision to end the life of Ardines because he lived "tormented and desperate" with the relationship he maintained with his wife, especially since the "recording he did along" Conversation between both. She has added that the "Custom of Pedro Nieva was to kill" and was not beating the victim, because "at no time was he beaten."

It has also been demonstrated that the people who traveled to Llanes in July 2018 were Pedro Nieva, Jesús Muguruza and Djilali Benatia to plan the crime and has indicated that of "existing the Julian who named for the first time in the trial, they would have brought". "Julian is an invented person. The third person who traveled with Nieva and Muguruza to Llanes on July 27 was Djilali Benatia," he has insisted rich.

He also considers the prosecutor, and he has transferred it to the jury, that the assumption of an intermediary, Jesus Muguruza, "had an active intervention by proposing plans and also showing a protective attitude with Pedro Nieva."

On the material authorship of the crime and the performance of D. Benatia and M. Kelii as Sicarios the prosecutor has also been clear: "I know that they are and I have six indications" he said. "It is legally irrelevant who gives the blow or who strangles, because they are both responsible for the facts," she said.

He has explained that two circumstances are held in tribunals to be considered a murder: price, "a hithew does not kill free, kill for money" and surfing. "For me there are agerian and it is very clear, there was an ambush here," he added.

After the prosecutor has been the lawyer of the particular accusation exercised by the widow and the children of Ardines, the lawyer Antonio Pineda that has been addressed to the members of the jury to insist that the investigation carried out has been "very rigorous, With the use of the most advanced technical means "to give with the four guilty.

Just as he made the prosecutor, Pineda has considered heavily demonstrated that the four defendants have participated from one way or another, and playing all of them an essential role, in the murder of Javier Ardines.

Thus, he has tried to dismantle the different arguments made by the defenses with "numerous distraction maneuvers". "In the name of the widow and the children of Ardines I thank you for your patience, I ask you to reflect serenely, weigh the evidence. The family of Ardines has expected this crucial moment," said the lawyer who has asked the jury a guilt verdict Against the four defendants.

Before addressing the jury, the prosecutor has raised its conclusions definitive, with small nuances, such as, for example, to eliminate the reference to the time of the sentimental relationship between the deceased and the woman of one of the defendants.

The rest of the parties have also raised their conclusions to definitive, except for the defense attorney of one of the assumptions, Maamar Kelii, exercised by Fernando Baruttel who has modified them.

Thus he has introduced that the woman whose biological remains were found in the body and belongings of the victim, as well as in the area of crime, had been informed of this extremes before lending a statement at police headquarters. For this question, she has asked to be dentioned testimony to two of the agents of the Civil Guard who denied this issue in case they had a crowded in false testimony.

He has also added the lawyer that has not been found genetic profile of his defendant, Maamar Kelii, in the body nor in the place of crime.

Updated Date: 25 November 2021, 10:14

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