The rebellion of the hunters

Their mobilization was one of the keys in the elections in andalusia and spread throughout Spain, where there are more than 850,000 licenses The president o

The rebellion of the hunters

Their mobilization was one of the keys in the elections in andalusia and spread throughout Spain, where there are more than 850,000 licenses

The president of Castilla-La Mancha rebukes the minister Ribera for wanting to ban hunting

In the imaginary urban hunting is associated with the important families and to the so-called pompously "landowners". That is to say: to the right the more prototypical. However, in Spain there are more than 850,000 hunting licenses (though it is estimated that the number of hunters over a million) that, as is logical, they belong to a broad socio-economic spectrum.

you only need to enter in the bars of the upper part of Sanlúcar de Barrameda (or in any sale of Andalusia) to verify that next to the photos of Curro Romero, Rafael de Paula and Morante de la Puebla, are the of the best greyhounds in the area. Hunting is, in effect, a hobby cross-cutting groups from those who attend hunts of a thousand partridges in farms of 10,000 hectares (the less), even those that are content with running a hare or pull a couple of rabbits in any coto social. And also to the left, Cayo Lara, Antonio Romero, Baltasar Garzón and former minister, Mariano Fernández Bermejo are only some examples of the hunt is not at all a hobby right.

And it is precisely this transversality which may help to explain the roll-over election that took place in Andalusia it is now two weeks and therefore, the rebellion of Guillermo Fernández Vara, and Emiliano García-Page, barons, socialists of Extremadura and Castile-La Mancha, respectively, after Teresa Ribera, minister of Ecological Transition, is shown to be contrary to the hunting and bullfighting.

In search of political support

The Andalusian Federation of Hunting (FAC) has registered 100.000 federated and 250,000 hunting licenses. A few months ago, its president, José María Mancheño, organized the campaign #Lacazatambiénvota, directed to mobilize electorally those who would like to show support for your hobby. "It was not to be with one party or the other, but rather that parties to support our demands," he explains. The FAC is not asking for anything extraordinary: in defense of hunting, improvement of habitats, scientific research, or for the recovery of wildlife species hunting... "We met with Susana Díaz, Moreno Bonilla, and with the Citizens to tell you about our program and to commit to organize their policies in the matter of hunting around these points," explains Mancheño.

of course, they also called Santiago Abascal, the leader of Vox, which by then had no representation in Andalusia. Their support was more explicit. So much so that the act that the FAC was organized with the Vox -also what he had done with the rest of the formations - in Seville, was the busiest.

"We have come here to speak of the rural people, of their traditions. Like more about or to others, but there is that respect, because hunting is an essential activity for the economy and the ecology. So that you can enjoy of our culture, of the art of bullfighting. And that you do not want not go. There are a lot of people in the cities, the majority votes we Can, that does not distinguish a pigeon from a dove, a dog is a podenco. Have No idea of how is the life of the countryside people. And they say how they have to live with the people in the field. Up to what we have to eat". And the video of the speech Abascal began to circulate among the hunters of Andalusia and their families. At the same time, the program Ahead of Andalusia with regard to the hunt-the main point was: "to Map and develop a path towards the hunting and the bullfighting zero"- began to do the same. Teresa Rodriguez was the only leader who refused to meet with the FAC.

The group of hunters pauses in his journey to regain our strength. C. Z. Despised

"And that it has been noticed that much because I know a lot of people of left-wing voters of UI, and we Can, even mayors!, that they wanted to vote for considering that threatened their way of life and traditions", explains Mancheño. That is, according to some, one of the reasons why Forward Andalusia lost three seats (300,000 votes), and Vox erupted with such force in areas unsuspected as the peoples of Córdoba, Jaén, in the Sierra Norte de Sevilla and Sierra Morena, in which PSOE and IU had been obtained traditionally very good results. "Obviously it was feared that Susan had to agree with the Forth Andalusia. The hunt is always a form of currency easy because the politicians think that it is something without importance, but of course you have it. Especially for us," says a hunter in the area that prefer to maintain anonymity.

Salvador Borrego is a militant UI. In fact, his wife is a council member of the formation in Estepa (Sevilla): "I voted to Forward we Can because I agree 99% with their views, but I have never hidden my opposition to the stance of my party with regard to hunting. The vision we have is an approach to urban. It is difficult to understand its social character". And that, he insists, has made a lot of hunters that normally supported a UI (or Can we) prefer to abstain or, "less", " vote for Vox. "I know several people who have done it", affirms it.

The media has portrayed numerous cases. Vox has had excellent results in the towns in the málaga region of Sedella, Monda, Teba, The Village... with town halls left.

Mancheño impinges on another aspect to make the hunters have been left to feel their voice at the polls. "We are despised on a social level. As if we were second-class citizens. They call us murderers when we are the more we take care of our field and of our dogs, by the way", he says in relation to the unfair treatment that is given to hunters in the media and on social networks. "We are not going to support any party because we know that our federated held political positions very different. But yes it is true that the Vox have been those who have spoken more clearly in favor of the hunt. And that has been noticed".

A hunter shoots with his shotgun after spotting a prey. TASTING ZAMBRANO

Antonio de Miguel is the principal architect of the strategy of rural Vox. "Neither Abascal nor I are hunters, but we understand that hunting is important to anthropological, social and economically. The political parties have been ignoring and disregarding the needs of the field (of bullfighting, from the farmers, hunters and ranchers) because they prefer to make the case to environmentalists shift that, in general, want to live in the public budget. That's why I think that our message has sunk in, both in Andalusia. For the first time in many years, the people of rural Spain feels represented. It is one of the motivos that we vote on the left. And we are already seeing in other communities. In Castile and León, Rioja, Galicia...". Even in Teruel, where the Thursday, Abascal returned to fill an auditorium.

The results of Andalusia did not take long to alert García-Page, and Fernández Vara of what could happen in their communities. That's why were not long in criticizing the statements of Teresa banks in the that was in favor of abolishing the practice of hunting and the bulls. And with good reason. According to a study of the Foundation Artemisán, dedicated to the defense of hunting, the hunting provides 6.475 million euros and generated almost 200,000 jobs. 45.500 direct jobs.

The rural world also vote and are tired of unfulfilled promises. "Also PP and PSOE. But above all, the contempt of the politicians and the people who have no idea. The spaniards have been tired not to let them follow their traditions. That does not leave them to be free," says a hunter.

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 18 December 2018, 08:01

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