The total war between Churches and Sanchez leading the way to 10-N

Sanchez promises that will raise the minimum wage, in addition to pensions and salaries funcionariosIglesias points to Sanchez: "My mistake was to trust the wo

The total war between Churches and Sanchez leading the way to 10-N
Sanchez promises that will raise the minimum wage, in addition to pensions and salaries funcionariosIglesias points to Sanchez: "My mistake was to trust the word of Peter. I lied"The other two "problems" of Churches in the face of the upcoming elections

In The Moncloa and Ferraz are convinced that the 10 of November is not you can get another president other than that Pedro Sanchez . The "absolute conviction", in the words of a member of the Government, that the PP, Citizens, and Vox may not reach a sum sufficient to allow them to articulate an alternative keeps the optimism high among the principal leaders of party and Government. They all take the stage, even among those who are more favourable were in achieving an agreement.

An optimism comes in contrast with the deputies ' ranks, boxes, media and charges territorial.

the main concern is The demobilization . The hard core socialist has already transmitted the message that the safe increase of the abstention will occur "evenly" between the left and the right. The message starts to sink in, but the uncertainty does not go away. "There are things that we won't know for sure until the moment that they open the ballot boxes," stated a former minister socialist.

Concerned about the current moment. But the certainties of the day after are not major. Pedro Sanchez moved to your Executive this past Thursday, according to sources present, that they should not get involved in the strategy we Can, which will insist on keep talking in the coalition after the November 10. That's why reinforcing the message that the coalition is "unfeasible" . Despite the fact that many know that if the scenario is desired, a rise in the PSOE and add an absolute majority only with the Churches, it will be difficult to bypass this stage.

But that is not the idea of the president of the Government. The scenario contemplated is that of downs of we Can and of Citizens that they remain arguments to prevent a Government alone, which is what we will pursue Pedro Sanchez.

in Addition, the bridges between Pedro Sanchez and Pablo Iglesias are broken and have reached a personal dimension . The words of the president in his interview last Thursday, by securing for two times that would have insomnia problems to have agreed to the requests of Churches of important portfolios have been the straw that has filled the glass. These were his words: "I Should have accepted, for example, that the minister of Finance or the minister of the Energy Policy or the minister in charge of pensions in our country, Social Security, outside a person's circle of close and trusted the lord's Churches with little experience in politics or public management. Well, I would be president of the Government, and I have to recognize that it would be a president of the Government, not he will sleep for the night, along with the 95% of the citizens of this country that neither would be quiet. Even voters of UP. That's why I did not accept the proposal that I made to the lord Churches."

The message was clearly thought out. Sanchez is not given to improvise in these formats. In addition to repeated it on two occasions. Yesterday, after the Council of Ministers, the spokesman Isabel Celaá, endorsed these statements: "everyone knows what was meant by the president, and I think I got it". To sow distrust about Can and his lack of experience to appeal to a vote of moderation and stability. That is the pillar of the socialist campaign. The spokesman rejected the accusations purísimas that by the morning he had poured out the leader we Can about the figure of Sánchez: "In all the president lied with respect to the coalition Government. I say it to you in a clear and underlined".

All the focus on Sanchez

we Can, even with the tendency of voters to the floor of the party, the spirits that are perceived in the game are not bad. Despite an uncertainty and a risk of demobilization that they know that may lead to worse result. But with the shenanigans of Sánchez know they have a story. Something they recognize in the PSOE. is The indisimulado rotation of Sanchez in search of an electorate more centrist , and its predisposition manifests these months to rule looking to the right, with point-like supports of PP and Cs, have revived the possibilities. No one denies the uncertainty, but there is the feeling that there is a flaw in the strategic position of the president of the Government: "playing with fire", they say since the formation abode. "We both share the need for understanding and collaboration between progressive forces to face the future of Spain", said Churches after being with Sanchez for the first time after the 28 of April. Did not imagine this end.

The focus is on questioning the figure of the president of the Government. Yesterday, in a television interview, the leader of we Can, it was very hard with Sanchez, who was accused of not having word: " The fatal error I made was to trust the word of Peter. lied to Me. Before and after the elections, I said that there would be coalition. Not told me the truth."

Churches, that you know that your weak point in this campaign is to have rejected a coalition on the 25th of July, has insisted that "that offer was not sincere," and he believes that the words of Sanchez demonstrate that "he never wanted to" reach a pact with we Can. For the leader of we Can, the words of Sanchez on their possible sleep problems constitute a lack of respect for many people.

In a total coincidence with the diagnosis of Albert Rivera, the leader of We noted that "it is not true" that the new policy means blocking . Put example all the administrations in which there are agreements or even coalitions between podemos and the PSOE. Highlighting that does not have that problem either where the governing PP and Citizens. "The problem is Pedro Sánchez. The differential fact is Pedro Sanchez, who wants all the power to sleep well", loaded Churches.

throughout the interview called into question the president's Government is a person you can trust, insisting on the idea that the repeat election is your responsibility to: " The fact that differential that locks is Pedro Sanchez . The abnormality here is someone who is concerned about sleeping well. My mistake was to trust the word of someone who lied. When someone lies to you many times you are just pillaging"

The personal relations between the two have gone through all the phases. Will need as much as you despise. But after the motion of censure, in which Paul Churches played a fundamental role, relationships recompusieron. Helped to do this, without a doubt, that Churches have been consolidated and a political evolution in order to distance themselves from their forms more thick and that politician who accused the PSOE of having hands stained by lime. Although his conviction did not give their support to the PSOE, as has been proven, is still intact. Already had enough with a motion of censure had no choice but to support.

In the recent election campaign both played the cards differently. We said from minute one that their goal was to enter the Government. Not to win the election or overcome the PSOE. Those times have already passed. What decided all to that letter. The president of the Government was a lot more ambiguous. The same that remained for a good part of the negotiations. But in an interview in the Country in The two days of the election, the president was clear about the coalition. He acknowledged that "I have not denied ever" and that "there was no problem." The argumentario of the PSOE emphasizes that We rejected a formula in July. But Churches have been prepared to make a campaign very different from that made in April, and with Sanchez as the target.

Date Of Update: 21 September 2019, 04:01

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