The young man of the young man disappeared in Badajoz was found with blood remains

Student's mobile Pablo Sierra, disappeared in Badajoz a week ago, contained blood remains. He was found by a civil guard out of service while walking last Fr

The young man of the young man disappeared in Badajoz was found with blood remains

Student's mobile Pablo Sierra, disappeared in Badajoz a week ago, contained blood remains. He was found by a civil guard out of service while walking last Friday with his dog in the area crispy next to the riverbank of the Guadiana River. This is confirmed by sources of research to the world, a fact that reinforces the theory that the disappearance of the 21-year-old man at dawn last Friday occurred violently and that he was able to suffer an aggression. Blood analyzes found will confirm if the remains belong to the boy or if they are from another person.

The hypothesis of the violent disappearance takes strength in research, which has led agents in recent days to comb the most conflicting neighborhoods of the city of Badajoz (the Colorines, Slopes of Urinaza, Saavedra's Luck), at a distance Relatively distant from where the hours before his disappearance passed, in an area of crowded cups of the capital Pacense, such as Arco Agüero street, in the old town of Badajoz. It was then when he told a friend - the last one who had contact with him - that he intended to take a taxi to return to the Rucab University Residence, located two minutes from the campus of the University of Extremadura, where he studied Mathematics. It is also investigated if he then decided to return by bus and if he finally did it. Before, apparently he had a lifting with a young man at the gates of a pub, although apparently this Rucket did not go to greater and even both of the phones were exchanged to finish fixing the situation the next day.

The next morning, his brother mellizo, who also resides in the same university center, tried to contact him to return together to pass the festive bridge to his town of origin, Zorita (Cáceres), at which time they jump all the alarms at Do not give with him.

The investigation also focuses, in addition to taking statements to anyone who was with Paul that night or saw it by several locations of the city, in the visualization of the security cameras of the streets, especially those of the square from Spain, owned by the City Council to try to find some reliable track.

The spokesman for the family, Joaquín Amills, has confirmed this Friday that Pablo Sierra's cell phone appeared with remains of blood, as he publishes the world, although he has nuanced that the terminal "was not stained with blood as if there had been a fight" and considers that this finding "does not imply that it is recent or that it is from Paul; At the moment, it is not known," he said in the public mirror program, in addition, he has also indicated that the National Police already took DNA samples of Paul in various objects, like his toothbrush or his comb.

Amills, a member of SOS Disappeared, has highlighted that leaks that can hinder the investigation should be avoided. This spokeswoman has ensured that there are few news about research, but you have to let the security forces work. "Having found the mobile phone is a great luck," she said, because it will allow you to know "In what antennas it has been connecting, what distances and at what speed have been traveled." On the other hand, he has assured that Paul's family "is discarded, every hour that happens is a slab that falls on, especially during the night." However, he has underlined that they are satisfied with the police work and has "complete confidence in the work that the agents are developing."

For the time being, one more day, the beaters for various areas of the city to find some trace are still suspended, although the device remains in prehaler to resume at the time the judicial police, at the head of the investigation, so required. Yesterday afternoon, for example, a fireboat again inspected an area of the Guadian River after an object that was finally discovered that it had nothing to do with the disappearance of the young student.

After knowing his disappearance, for three days he combed, with terrestrial, aquatic and even aerial media, the entire urban section of the Guadiana River. On Monday, the search was moved to other areas of the city, such as the vicinity of the University Residence, La Luneta, Saint Cristóbal's Fort or Saavedra's Luck, and this past Tuesday, the tracking was paralyzed and the teams that these days They have been combing several points of the city did not come out.

Paul measures 1.75 centimeters of height, is athletic complexion, has brown hair with curly bangs and brown eyes. At the time of the disappearance of him wearing blue shirt, cowboy trousers, blue jacket and white slippers.

Date Of Update: 10 December 2021, 08:46

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