This has been the last goodbye to Pascual González, the endearing founder of singers of Híspalis

The coffin with the mortal remains of Pascual González arrived at the town hall of Seville at seven thirty in the afternoon. Meanwhile, in the Benito Villamar

This has been the last goodbye to Pascual González, the endearing founder of singers of Híspalis

The coffin with the mortal remains of Pascual González arrived at the town hall of Seville at seven thirty in the afternoon. Meanwhile, in the Benito Villamarín Stadium, his Betis faced Villarreal, in a party that began, in the honor of him, the Sones of the Hymn Verdiblanco that Pascual composed for the love club of him.

Pascual González, founder of singers of Híspalis, died this Sunday in Seville at 71 years of age because of an infection in the marrow.

The group was immersed in the tour of his show Christ, passion and hope. A few days ago, the Group launched a statement suspending the numerous actions planned this Lent for theaters from all over Spain "for health reasons for one of its components."

Many friends and sevillians anonymous wanted to approach the ardent chapel installed in the Hispalense City Hall, who maintained its doors open until almost midnight and that today has once again opened, from 9 to 11 hours, so that Seville can say goodbye to the artist That the Sevillians revolutionized.

An hour later, at twelve o'clock at midday, the Church of San Benito, that of its brotherhood, and that of its neighborhood of La Calzada, will host its funeral, before being transferred to the San Fernando cemetery.

Pascual was received at the Sevillian consistory between tears and with a great applause. Waiting, the four children of him and other relatives of him and his colleagues in singers of Híspalis, accompanied by the mayor of the city, Antonio Muñoz, and by the delegate of older parties, Juan Carlos Cabrera.

The coffin has been installed in the capitular room of the Town Hall, covered by the Flag of Seville, where they did not stop reaching flower crowns; of Real Betis, of the Ministry of Culture, its musical producer, José Carlos DECO; Of his fellow singers of Híspalis, from the friends of him ... In this room, his family and companions in singers prayed in silence. Slowing Even Juani (Juan Luis Calceteiro) had to leave for a while of the place to take a breath; He was not well.

As the mayor of the city commented, Antonio Muñoz, this day is "very sad for Seville. We have left a poet, a troubadour, a man who has sung Seville like no one. But paschal was joy, and we will always remember him Through his songs. The city owes a lot, a man who loved Seville above all. "

On a possible tribute from the city to González, Muñoz added that they will value it when they spend these days, "to make him the tribute that Seville owes him and he deserves, always consensus with the family. Anyway, the best way to honor to Pascual When the Fair arrives is to dance his songs, he would not like us to let us enjoy with the joy of his poetry. "

For his part, Juan Carlos Cabrera said that "nobody as singers of Híspalis extolled the genre of the Sevillanas, who put at all levels at all levels. The world of sevillanas today is mourning."

They did not lack in RRSS innumerable condolence messages, among them, that of the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla: "Seville, the music and the World Cofrade will never forget Pascual González. Neither the Andalusians came to Andalusia in Each Sevillian. Our regret for the death of the great composer. A big hug to his family and the singers of Híspalis. "

Among his colleagues of profession, María del Monte was one of the first to arrive. She was affected. "I'm wrong, it's one of the keys on the Golden Gates of Seville and the Sevillians, but this is life, have you to get used to so many sticks ... I know he was not going very well lately." With Pascual, Mary recalls "A whole youth, a childhood ... He went up on that spring bus, taught us to cross the bay, the passion of Seville, and has been a teacher of so many things that we have no choice Have a place in our heart ".

"Pascual was a genius," said Rafa Almarcha (always like this). It was a huge talent, an unrepeatable figure with a unique personality. " Almarcha tells that it was with the brothers and the Torbon brothers when the Sevillians began to be popular, since they began to record the first just as today we understand them, until the boom arrived at the end of the 80s, with which The Sevillanas became very popular throughout Spain, even becoming number 1 on sales lists.

"The great protagonist of all that move was paschal, who also gave them a spin and revolutionized everything, and made that music out close to everyone, and did not do an album just like another; the same thing recorded one with a symphony orchestra That another with Russian choirs than another with oriental music. And everything went by Sevillanas. All those works are history of the popular music of Andalusia and Spain. "

As a person and as a friend, Almarcha adds that "it was someone very committed to his land, with the authors and artists, very solidarily, very involved in the SGAE supporting the impossible causes, but he fought them and took them forward, always contributing good Ideas. He was an unrepeatable and admirable person. I loved him a lot. It was affectionate, charismatic, endearing, and everything he touched was gold because he was also a tireless worker with a huge talent that put the service of all. "

The composer, producer and arranger Manuel Marvizón said of Pascual who is "the friend, brother, companion ... a person with a heart of gold, an important artist in this city, whom he loved so much and, of course, The priest that was never, but that will be forever. This Holy Week and many more we will miss you. Above all who we have shared so many days with him. Also in the recording studios, in the performances, at the meetings of the Society of authors, by any street of Seville, especially by its neighborhood of the road. But we know it is on a good place. "

José Carlos DECO, producer of so many records of Pascual González, remembered him as "a beautiful person, a tireless and tremendously creative worker. In fact, it has left many unfinished projects." With dry he had recorded the album of Sevillians the dance of the fair, which will see the light already posthumously, and was recording the second part, after signing with Universal, "but it has been unfinished."

Because Pascual had many outstanding projects, as he explained between tears Joana Jiménez. "I met him being a very young, and then I've had the fortune to record in one of his albums and sing with them many times as a guest artist, paschal will always be alive in our hearts, in our life and in the story of Sevilla I had, speaking and giving us lessons to live. It will always be with us. "

Date Of Update: 07 February 2022, 05:53

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