Today's news, September 22 | Last hour of today, live

The lava leaving the old summit volcano since it came into eruption Last Sunday has already covered a total of 154 hectares and razed 320 buildings, according t

Today's news, September 22 |
 Last hour of today, live

The lava leaving the old summit volcano since it came into eruption Last Sunday has already covered a total of 154 hectares and razed 320 buildings, according to satellite follow-up of the European Union Copernicus program.

The police have arrested a woman who wounded on the neck and immobilized a doctor from a palm health center who forced himself under threats to extend the recipe for a medication. After being explored by the doctor, she demanded that he recalls a certain medication, which the doctor rejected because it was not suitable from the clinical point of view.

Then, the woman insulted her, stuck an object on her neck, she immobilized her and forced her under threats to prescribing the medicine she wanted.

The Government promised retirees and pensioners that their benefits would not lose purchasing power, and therefore next year an additional pay with which it will compensate for the strong rebound that is registering inflation. However, the executive does not contemplate doing anything similar with public officials and workers, who will therefore lose purchasing power given that the increase of 0.9% that were applied at the beginning of the year will be widely surpassed by the IPC, reports Daniel Viaña.

According to government data, until September 1, 327,129 vaccinations would have been rejected by patients. A VOX question in Congress aspired to know not only the figure of unsuccessful citations, but also the breakdown between those who have expressly rejected vaccination and who have not attended the appointment to be vaccinated by any other reason. The Government, however, has responded with the global figure, explaining that the Regvacu Vaccination Registry "does not distinct among people who have rejected vaccination at the time of being cited and who have been attended by appointment."

Following the decision to administer the third dose of the Vaccine against the Covid to higher in residences at its last meeting, the Interiorritorial Council is pending to decide on the possibility of injecting a second dose to those vaccinated with Jannsen, who have received about 2 million of People in Spain.

This Tuesday, the American laboratory Johnson & Johnson reported that his monodose vaccine is more effective when two doses are administered.

The Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, has pointed out this Wednesday that the Government studies specific situations associated with the eruption of the Old Summit volcano, in La Palma.

In Ciudad Real, "and more specifically in the Calatrava countryside, there are whole towns in what are actually volcanic boilers, and many of its inhabitants have no idea that they live within a volcano ... but we go , that is the idea we have in Spain, with the exception of the Canary Islands, of vulcanology: zero zero, "he says to the world directly, almost without being asked, José Luis Barrera, Vulcanologist at Header of the Spanish Society of Geology .

Ciudad Real, Castellón, Murcia, Almería or Gerona have volcanic points asleep in their villages, an article by Quico Arsedo.

Autumn begins today at 21.21 hours. In this station, the night quickly earns ground a day, it is a great time to enjoy the sky as it is transformably transformed. Here we indicate 10 astronomical curiosities of autumn.

The journalist Iñaki Gabilondo has said tonight "Goodbye" to the microphones in an interview in the 'Time 25' program to be: "Becoming a farewell process. I'm going to turn 79 years next month. It was clear That this was over now and I was getting bored with me. "

During the four years that Noelia de MiGo was under family custody, nobody knew about his reconncge. Since then, he has been submitted to medical controls and, according to the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid, the last report provided by the doctors of the Infanta Sofia hospital, dated September 3, this year, raised that the patient "did not present decompensation Psychotic, "reports Luis F. Durán.

He also pointed out that he had punctually went to the administration of the medication, the antipsychotic that the doctors had prescribed, and that he was regularly placed every four weeks.

Hundreds of Spanish companies dedicated to the importation of product from our country are suffering the double back of Brexit and the pandemic. The problems of production at the point of origin, the lack of carriers willing to transfer the British border and the increase in controls in it have grew and complicated a process that was free of obstacles until nine months ago, but now causes small Disposal at all levels.

"Before it was as easy as assembling the hams on the truck and take them up there, but now you can not imagine the amount of controls and procedures that have to happen," they point out from Enrique Tomás, only company that offered in United Kingdom an exclusive service dedicated To Serrano Jam at the street level. A report of Alberto Muñoz.

The eruption of the Old Summit Volcano, on the Canary Island of La Palma, could end up destroying around 1,000 homes, as lava continues to spread and devastate how much I find in its path.

This was estimated yesterday, the experts who are evaluating the situation on the ground, although it is true that the evolution of the volcanic eruption is unpredictable, both in its duration and in relation to the amount of material that will end up expelling, which destroys everything As a step in his relentless descent to the sea. Informs Angel Díaz.

The imposing roar of the Volcano of the Old Summit sneaks into the church of Tajuya while the parish priest, Don Domingo Guerra, tries to reassure his parishioners. "He says the saying that who sees a volcano can no longer see two," he says in an animated voice. "Well, look, I have survived three eruptions and here I continue," says the religious to our partner Gonzalo Suárez.

Sitting on the last row of the temple, tells its first experience with lava. It was in 1949, when he was a seven-year-old boy who took care of the cows next to the fathers of him on the slope of the mountain when, hit, the crater of the San Juan volcano burst at short distance.

The lava from the palm volcano leaves to the surface by four main mouths and is divided into two castings, one of which increases its destructive trail. "He walks inexorably towards the sea," the Autonomous President Ángel Víctor Torres said. And there, in contact with water, it fears that give rise to toxic gases. Follow here the last live hour of the Palma Volcano.

Date Of Update: 22 September 2021, 09:42

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