Well come the parties, the likelihood of a repeat election

The PP calls for unity on the eve of election: "we don't have time for nonsense, controversial or contentious"Otegui, Matthew, RTVEEspaña not sumaSánchez tel

Well come the parties, the likelihood of a repeat election
The PP calls for unity on the eve of election: "we don't have time for nonsense, controversial or contentious"Otegui, Matthew, RTVEEspaña not sumaSánchez tell you that you do not have props and sets sail for the 10-N

Pedro Sanchez will attend this Tuesday for the second time to a round of consultations in Zarzuela after having failed in the first assignment. And predictably without the adequate support to try it a second time. The difference is that in 2016, Sanchez would have given everything he had for having a majority at your fingertips. A little more than three years after the socialist leader has autonomy in his party to do what you want. And seems determined to take the country to elections.

Having a parliamentary majority at your fingertips Sanchez does not seem willing to shoulder this responsibility because they understand that with this mortgage the political space it wants to occupy , the Spanish socialist workers party and him personally, in the next decade. His ambition is that the PSOE will continue to grow, now by the space of the centre. An operation for which to govern together we Can and depending on CKD does not seem like the best strategy.

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The only element that can alter your plans is what Paul Churches will transmit to the Head of State a few hours before. The next Tuesday, with just six hours of difference both be shipped out to Felipe VI. After the latest offering from the Churches in the form of coalition is temporary and the low, rejected quickly by Sanchez, there seems to be scope for new movements. The leader of we Can already announced that without its formation represented in the Council of Ministers announced to the King his abstention in an eventual endowment. If when you arrive at Zarzuela that is the message that Churches have conveyed to the president in functions of state that does not have the adequate support to meet the endowment. "There will be people to a new frustration of a investiture failed if you do not have enough support", have been said from the Government on repeated occasions.

That is the most likely scenario, that didn't even get to have investiture . Only a change of Churches in the form of a positive vote I will change it. And yet in the PSOE is not like an endowment that is not presently imply a commitment of stability. It would be difficult to turn down a job, taking the votes. But the scenario clearly seems to go to some polls that at some levels of the PSOE does not leave to generate some inquietu.

Married will present a specific offer of "Spain Sum" if there are elections

In Genoa everything is to be prepared for the possible convocation of a general election and is already becoming the central messages of his candidate, Paul Married. Are summarized in to claim the unity of the center-right , as the only way to be able to take Sanchez de La Moncloa, the blame on the president in functions of the political blockade and paralysis of Spain since more than a year ago , display the "success" of the covenants of the centre-right in communities and municipalities, in defending the Constitution against the challenge of independence, and to warn of the risk of a new recession, with recipes typical of the PP to deal with it.

In the national headquarters of the PP are working from days ago on the election speech. If there are elections, the program will be basically the same, but the messages will focus the most on those key points. "It would not make sense to introduce changes in the program only five months after the previous elections", said sources from the party.

Married are turning, in each of its interventions, in defending Spain Sum, the electoral platform that is recorded by the popular to accommodate all of the center-right and thus optimise their vows in front of to the left. The idea of the PP would be to present a specific offer to Citizens and Vox, according to the constituencies, in the case of the calling of elections. Up to now we have not entered into details, and do not know where to run, what matches or if it would be for the Congress or just the Senate. All of these points will be discussed constituency by constituency, but the idea is that the PP put all of your effort in those provinces where Citizens and Vox is not secured representation in the last elections, and it is quite likely that neither would succeed now. It would be a way, to defend on the PP, to prevent those votes from falling to the trash, and to take advantage to gain more seats in the centre-right. In the Basque Country, for example, believe that the alliance of the PP and Citizens would give them a seat in Alava and another one in Vizcaya.

United we Can is maintained in the abstention

The message that morning I transmitted to the King in the round of consultations by the secretary general of we Can, Pablo Churches, will be determinant to know if you celebrate other general elections on the 10th of November or not . Without any end motion of the PSOE, United we Can is maintained for now in abstention, as explained Churches on Friday, during an interview in The Sixth. If the PSOE does not accept the last offer of a Government test "us to abstain, he said. However, everything can change in a matter of hours. A contraction of the PSOE "in extremis" would be the only way out to avoid other elections. It is not contemplated another scenario, because in both formations have already insured who do not value the stage of the support "free" to the endowment, because that will not "guarantee" the stability of the rest of the legislature. Today you will attend Zarzuela the members of the Churches, the different groups that make up the confluence, to close ranks with the leader of we Can. The allied forces will support and defend them against Philip VI the coalition Government. So yes, a discourse of the partners in dissonance with the Churches force the leader purple to give in to the PSOE.

Garzón recognizes the "frustration" of the people by the absence of agreement - ATLASCiudadanos as she prepares for the 10-N, and forget the "compact closed"

Albert Rivera will come tomorrow afternoon to the consultation of the King with the message that remains from the 18 of February: does not support the investiture of Pedro Sanchez. Citizens (Cs) closed since the door to a covenant with the secretary-general socialist before the 28th of April and, after that, the PSOE agreed with Bildu en Navarra, the minimum opportunities of rapprochement flew in the air.

last week, yes, you perceived a change in the discourse. Since the liberal president returned from vacation, has exhibited a tone of electioneering: he has combined his criticism of the sanchismo with ferocious attacks on the PP by corruption, has claimed Cs as a project of his own and has been restored to its express request of return to apply article 155 of the Constitution in Catalonia. The reason is hidden in that for the first time, sources of the Executive Committee of the Cs acknowledged that the repeat election is possible.

Since the last elections, in Cs they insisted on an argument that, of the step, propped his non-Sánchez and rejected the external pressures to at least abstain and that the endowment was not dependent on the independents. According to repeated, the pact between PSOE, podemos and the nationalist was already "closed" and the negotiations obeyed only to a kind of "theatre".

Now, in Cs they admit that there is uncertainty and see the same possibilities that are close to an agreement "in extremis", and for that it is necessary for the King to propose a candidate tomorrow, that there's elections on the 10th of November.

Vox prepares the pre-campaign with a major event in October

The fifth force policy has not changed one iota of his speech since he broke the 28 of April in the conference with 24 deputies. Don't need to change the account for your potential electorate . The president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, will come tomorrow afternoon to the Palace of the Zarzuela to convey the same message, which he expressed to the King in the summer: "No we will vote in favour of the investiture of Pedro Sanchez", as he said after being with Philip VI for the endowment failed of July. is The party has already activated the pre-campaign and prepared a great act in Madrid for the next 6 October in the Palace of Vistalegre. It will be a meeting commemorative of the rally with the presumed muscle election a year ago, when they filled the public and private still without having parliamentary representation. Its maximum will remain the same: "Spain Alive that works to stop the popular front" and, as they say the leaders of the party, to end the "dictatorship in progress" of the PSOE and United we Can. But, yes, making it clear that they are different from people's Party and Citizens.

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