What do we do with dad? When you be more becomes a concern

"Alzheimer's can't erase our history of love""We fulfil the dreams of people with Alzheimer's""I didn't understand that my mother did not know to put t

What do we do with dad? When you be more becomes a concern
"Alzheimer's can't erase our history of love""We fulfil the dreams of people with Alzheimer's""I didn't understand that my mother did not know to put the table. I explained and I got angry with her,"

One is never prepared to see their parents grow old. It is hard to see how people vital and independent, you have accompanied during the entire life they begin to lose physical and mental faculties . There comes a time when that is no longer possible to look the other way, and admit that your father or your mother no longer able to live alone, they need help, is perhaps one of the most difficult moments of adulthood.

suddenly you are doomed to making decisions about their future which in many cases are hurt in your consciousness. What do we do with dad? Our lives today are too complicated, our homes are full and our schedules do not let us say, so take charge of the care of an older person presents us with an impossible task . And if you also live in another city and we have to manage this new situation from a distance, the thing gets even more complicated.

But the problem is there, we must take the bull by the horns, and we started looking at all the possible alternatives. Llevárnoslo home is, as we have said, very difficult to manage.

do A residency? Certainly would be the most drastic, because many older people see it as a way to "disengage" from them.

what A day centre? Already, but the night would still be alone at home... Then we come to the conclusion that, probably, the best solution is to hire someone to come in to take care of him at home.

Loss of intimacy

According to estimates Felizvita, learned from statistical data, it manages the sector of the social and welfare services, more than 80% of the elderly people who have some degree of dependency, and require personal assistance prefer to be cared for in their home. Even in a first time many of them neither fit well: having someone "stuck at home" means a loss of privacy, of independence. But once you accept it, prove it and check how it improves your quality of life with the presence of a caregiver who is concerned about making life easier, it all starts to settle down, they relax, and we, his children, we regain the peace of mind.

it Is shown that, for an older person, the fact of being able to stay in your house always, in their familiar environment, in your comfort zone, but with all your roofing needs (both in terms of personal care as to the chores, and why not say, also the fact of being accompanied and not feel the loneliness), it is the most friendly of tackle to a situation of dependency. The caregivers have become a cornerstone to family stability, and the higher they perceive as a member of the family.

The key is to hit the wizard right. It's not worth any. "The person that we choose to going to take care of someone very important to us s. we Want to treat you well, who treats you with love, you have the preparation to cover all your needs and that you will not miss anything. And that we will inspire confidence, and connect with the character of our father, that is not always easy to carry... And that we are not going to leave lying from one day to another," says Guillermo Molina , director-general of Felizvita.

therefore, the choice of a caregiver is a delicate process, and there are many families that opt to resort to service companies who will take care of them the candidates that meet a series of requirements; that respond for them, ensuring the quality of health care received and to ensure that the coverage when the person chosen to enjoy their breaks, their holidays, or are opposite to common contingencies.

building trust

"As experts in care services to home —pointing Guillermo Molina— we are clear that the key to building a relationship of success between the higher and his / her caregiver is that it is able to understand him, striving to know him, to respect his modesty, to strengthen their self-confidence and, ultimately, treat you as you would like to be treated by his own father . Therefore, we believe that, although the experience and preparation are important, the vocation is much more. Technically you can always teach, you can acquire, but emotionally, no."

he Explains that dedicate themselves to caring for older people is a job as delicate and complex as necessary in our society, and "those who choose this profession must have a vocational spirit of service to the community, and a human quality that allows it to do so with kindness and with love, despite the difficulties", he concludes.

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Date Of Update: 02 October 2019, 19:00

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