What is an electric car without loading points with renewable energy?

To meet the objectives of climate change and carbon neutrality in 2050, it is essential to reduce transport emissions that represent up to 30% of the harmful ga

What is an electric car without loading points with renewable energy?

To meet the objectives of climate change and carbon neutrality in 2050, it is essential to reduce transport emissions that represent up to 30% of the harmful gases that are issued to the atmosphere.

To achieve this, it is not only necessary that the different media of mobility be or tend towards zero emissions but all the processes of their development, production and ecosystem that surrounds them is environmentally sustainable.

A clear example is the one who explained José Enrique Román, the Vice President of Boeing Global Technology, "what it helps us to dedicate millions of euros to lighten a plane wing and thousands of hours of our engineers, if then the plane is half an hour spending fuel Waiting for authorization to land in Barajas ". The statement occurred within the day 'The new mobility: circular, transversal and sustainable', held in Madrid and organized by the CEOE and BMW Group.

One of the keys to reducing emissions lies in transversality. «" For example, our hybrid cars incorporate devices that, when reaching low emission areas, suggest the driver that goes in electric mode. It is available for Madrid and Barcelona. If we are able to make the citizen aware, you will use the plug-in hybrid More efficiently, because we all know that this vehicle can always circulate in combustion mode but that is not its goal, "explained Manuel Terroba, president of BMW Group Spain.

It is about looking for efficiency in the entire value chain of transport zero emissions. The global director of SMART Mobility of Iberdrola, Raquel Blanco, said that "an electric vehicle at the local level reduces emissions and noise, but the important thing is that it moves with renewable energy. We have to ensure that the manufacture that processes are efficient, not Just use renewable energy in the manufacture of vehicles, but also in dealers with photovoltaic energy ".

Because the electric vehicle still has the handicap of the price, the autonomy and the shortage of public recharge points. "Although today there is an 80% linked cargo and 20% of the public road, you have to work on shortening the times to install those fast loading public points. The citizen has clear electrical efficiency for the city , But I doubt if you buy it to go to the beach, "said Blanco.

In addition to the private vehicle, one of the shapes reduce the carbon footprint is achieved with the new forms of mobility arising in the city as a sharing the vehicle.

The person responsible for ACCIONA Mobility, José María López-Galiacho, said that the electrical shared bikes [made by his Spanish Silence subsidiary], "have served to reach an eminently masculine audience between 18 and 50 years old; but by introducing the nanocoche what They will use older people and we will arrive at the female public to raise awareness of the use of zero emissions vehicles. "

However, the introduction of the electric vehicle requires the CCAs and the municipalities to have legislation as univocated as possible. "The city of Valencia is going to ban the sharing in the center, which does not make sense if you move on an electric motorcycle," according to López-Galiacho.

But transport not only moves people but also merchandise, movements that have increased with the boom of electronic commerce and the pandemic.

Enrique Torre, Siemens Mobility Sales Director, put on the table "the low weight that the transport of merchandise by rail in Spain that, with electrified channels and with hydrogen locomotives, would contribute to eliminating part of the emissions of the vehicles Heavy that circulate on the roads ".

In this sense, José Enrique Román de Boeing, recalled that "30% of the global trade value is transported by plane. And 80% of our emissions occur on trips of more than 1,500 kilometers and there are no alternatives. We need synthetic kerosene , Sustainable liquid fuels with public incentives rather than targets by governments. "

Finally to close the circle of the transport ecosystem zero emissions, recycling is key. "The BMW IX already incorporates 50% of materials from waste and all plastics come from recycling. In particular, discomfused fishing nets or sea collected fishing have been taken advantage of," explained Manuel Terroba.

In this sense, López-Galiah recalled that the new removable battery incorporating ACCIONA bikes can have a second life to give energy to a gas camping or new appliances.

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, said in the closure of the day that "the private vehicle in Madrid can not be eradicated, we want to lower the emissions and that is why we have created the Zbe of Elliptical Square. We are in favor of renewing the Mobile park and incentives to achieve it ".

And he added: "With the use of the private but renewed vehicle, you can reach the goal of decarbonization of the year 2050".

He opted that from the administrations the framework is generated so that recharge points can be installed. "We are not alien to there are administrative obstacles to put recharge points because there is a use of public land and generates complications."

Finally, he said that the town hall must preach with the example and therefore from 2023 there will be no Diesel EMT bus and in 2027 will all zero emissions.

Date Of Update: 08 December 2021, 10:52

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