Why Keylor Navas has been the last day of the market?

The Madrid tab to the Areola and sells Keylor Navas In July was Luca Zidane, the Racing of Santander, and in mid-August Andriy Lunin, at Valladolid. The presea

Why Keylor Navas has been the last day of the market?
The Madrid tab to the Areola and sells Keylor Navas

In July was Luca Zidane, the Racing of Santander, and in mid-August Andriy Lunin, at Valladolid. The preseason lightened the high payroll of goalkeepers at Real Madrid, leaving Courtois and Keylor first and second goalkeeper for the season 2019-2020. So it was by decision of the club and of both archers. The entity merengue was always clear that I wanted two goalies warranties, and among them the ownership of Courtois was unquestionable. That left Navas in an uncomfortable position that was never accepted, although a few days before the start of the preseason telefoneara Zidane to tell him that he had been thinking better, and that he had decided to stay. That call was not a desire, but an obligation, as told ABC repeatedly

The summer of Keylor Navas closes with a transfer on the last day of the market at PSG, the only club that really satisfy all the requests of costa rica. From Zidane , to mid-may, we communicate that their role would be that of understudy, the keeper he didn't. Would look for another team, but the demanding conditions they were shooting in the own foot.

Navas claimed the Madrid the freedom charter and the payment of the two years of his contract remaining (10 million net), something that was rejected by the white club emphatically. If he wanted to leave, was to bring an offer. And so he did. At the beginning of June, and after the unexpected launch of Buffon Paris, Keylor reported to Madrid that he had an agreement with PSG, covering of gold to his nearly 33 years. 3 seasons at the rate of seven pounds clean for each one of them. The problem is that the entity French I didn't pay the transfer, and that made it impossible for the operation. Or 20 million euros, or nothing.

The settlement of Navas , sealing verbally with Antero Henrique, died definitively when the then PSG sporting director was fired. In its place came Leonardo, who focused the shot in Donnarumma, the goalkeeper of Milan. The italians never got out of the 60 million euros and, in any case, evaluated an assignment, so that last week, with the closure of the market by making tic tac, Leonardo remade his plans and he returned to the goal more simple, Keylor Navas.

The proposal was even higher than that agreed to in June. In place of three seasons, signed four, and the wages would be 6 million net, for a total of 24, three more than what was agreed upon with Antero Henrique . Makes an irresistible. Also for Real Madrid. Now, yes

The PSG offered € 15 million for the tico and the transfer of Areola, knowing that bringing Navas of Spain's capital to these heights market was a utopia if the French club does not cause the gap generated at the last minute into the goal. The offer was very seductive. Five years after paying 10 million by Keylor, Madrid would receive 1 5 and it would free up a high tab of 10 million annual gross. And, in their place, came a goalkeeper of guarantees to replace Courtois in case of injury to the belgian.

it is True that the materialization of the operation at the last minute to unease in a certain sector of the hobby, in Zidane and some executive members of the white club, but Real Madrid has only lived up to his word. Said to Navas that he could leave if he had an offer to be 20 million and this has been. The market is unpredictable and the PSG has acted in the last moment. And don't you forget that Keylor was always an exemplary professional even when the white club we had during days signed De Gea (2015) and Kepa (2017) to let Navas in a secondary role, operations that finally came, as is well-known.

Madrid make money with a goalkeeper almost 33 years old , amortized athletically to spare, and Navas signing the last big contract of his career. Everyone comes out ahead, though by the way has been a soap opera with quite a few chapters unexplained.

Date Of Update: 12 September 2019, 09:01

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