Athing Mu -- precocious, bubbly, dominant -- delivers Olympic gold for the U.S. in the 800 meters

The 800m finish line is not where runners can make decisions. They gasp for air. They writhe. They use the survival-oriented primal parts in the brain.

Athing Mu -- precocious, bubbly, dominant -- delivers Olympic gold for the U.S. in the 800 meters

It looks like Athing Mu has come from another race when she arrives. Her graceful presence is a pillar of the chaos. The track is populated by other runners who roll along it like war film extras. Mu is a standing stance, her hands on her hips and all the stress of an office drone taking a cigarette break. She must make a choice.

Mu stated, "Ever since a few years ago when my TV started to show me the race, I literally don’t know what I’m going to do when it’s over." "They keep the camera up on you and I'm like, 'I'm trying leave. What should I do? I'm done running. I don't know what's in front of me. Just leave after a few seconds.

Mu was on Tuesday night at National Stadium. Mu, 19 years old and barely three months removed from her freshman year at Texas A&M was announced that she is one of the greatest runners in the world. She is now a track and fields superstar. Mu, a daughter of Sudanese immigrants, won gold in women's 800m in 1:55.21 seconds. This broke Ajee Wilson's American record of 0.4 seconds.

There was no doubt. Mu rushed to the front and held on to the race for the entire time. This tactical, difficult race was transformed by Mu into a personal display of all she has to offer track and field over the next decade: her flawless stride, her hugewatt smile, and her unmatched power and grace.

Raevyn Rods won bronze in 1:56.81.

Mu ran with gold-painted fingernails, a red barrette stamped "CONFIDENT" and her fingers painted gold.

Mu stated, "Because it's what I want to do." "We are also going to break 800 world records."

Mu's words were full of practicality and no boastfulness. Her career taught her and everyone else to expect greatness. Gabby Thomas won bronze in the 200 after following Mu. She said she hadn't yet seen the Mu race. Someone informed her that Mu had won gold.

Thomas stated, "I got that." "I knew it was coming before I saw the results."

Mu had imagined standing on the podium and weeping over the weekend. She realized that the ceremony would not cause her to weep after she won. She did not win, she just achieved what she expected.

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