Baden-Württemberg: Feldberg ski area is becoming more expensive

The energy crisis is also affecting winter sports.

Baden-Württemberg: Feldberg ski area is becoming more expensive

The energy crisis is also affecting winter sports. Prices are rising in the largest German ski area north of the Alps. Lifts should only run when they are really needed.

Todtnau (dpa/lsw) - Skiers have to adjust to rising prices in the large winter sports area of ​​Feldberg in the southern Black Forest. "It will be more expensive than last year," said the managing director of Feldbergbahnen, Julian Probst, in Todtnau (Lörrach district).

He pointed out the increased energy costs for the network, which operates 14 lifts in the core area. "The energy crisis affects us too."

Liftverbund chairman Johannes Albrecht made it clear that direct price comparisons to the previous season are hardly possible, since a new price system now applies to Feldberg. When booking in advance via the Internet, a price is displayed that depends, among other things, on the capacity utilization of the facilities.

The minimum price for an adult day ticket is therefore 39 euros. In good ski weather and on Sundays and public holidays, this price will be exceeded, said Probst. He didn't want to commit himself to a maximum price for a day ticket: "It's not 80 (euro)." The day ticket had cost 43 euros in the previous season. Feldberg expects a good season: "People want out," said Probst.

The new winter season is expected to start on December 2nd and run until April 11th next year. The first lifts on the 1493 meter high Feldberg will open as soon as there is enough snow. From its own point of view, the ski area is the largest in Germany north of the Alps. A short onset of winter had already caused a thin layer of snow on Saturday.

Ski resorts are also forced to save in the energy crisis. If possible, systems should no longer run at the same time, but should be used depending on the number of visitors. "With six lifts we can cover the entire piste area without any losses," said Albrecht. Depending on the workload, the speed of the systems can also be throttled. "It is important that the customer is not at a disadvantage." Snow groomers now run on biodiesel to reduce emissions of the greenhouse gas CO2.

Despite a rainy Christmas season, the association closed the 2021/22 ski season with record numbers. The previous season was completely canceled due to Corona.

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