Bavaria: Meteorologists predict "short but crisp heat wave".

The heat is returning.

Bavaria: Meteorologists predict "short but crisp heat wave".

The heat is returning. In the middle of the week it should be very hot again throughout Germany - with temperatures well above the 30 degree mark. In Bavaria, this heat should last a little longer

Munich (dpa / lby) - After cooling off in the last days of July, the heat should return to Bavaria in August. At the beginning of the week, however, rain, thunderstorms and sometimes storms have to be expected again. From the middle of the week, the German Weather Service (DWD) sees a “new, striking heat wave”.

First of all, there could be local heavy rain of up to 25 liters per square meter within a short time on Monday, as well as strong to stormy gusts of around 60 kilometers per hour, the weather service reported. The temperatures are supposed to remain pleasant until Tuesday – the range of daily highs in the Free State ranges from 24 to 31 degrees.

The heat is then expected on Wednesday. It will be "widespread hot with 30 to 35 degrees," reported the meteorologists. According to the forecast, the temperatures in the lower Main and in the big cities will fall below the 20-degree mark at night. According to the DWD, there should only be a cool 13 degrees in some Alpine and Bavarian Forest valleys.

According to the weather trend, the mercury column will continue to climb in the second half of the week. DWD meteorologist Marcus Beyer explained that it would be a "short but crisp heat wave," as people have been familiar with from the past two months.

The maximum daily temperatures on Thursday and Friday in Bavaria are said to be well above the 30-degree mark. The weather service expects that up to 39 degrees can then be measured in Germany. The Free State will probably have to endure the heat a little longer than the rest of the country, because on Friday only the south-east of Germany will be affected.

Temperatures are expected to hover around 30 degrees over the weekend. Then you can "breathe everywhere again," said Beyer.

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