Beefy electric Bavarian: BMW iX M60 - for the rapids

With a car like the BMW iX M60, you can definitely ask whether the performance data and the price make sense.

Beefy electric Bavarian: BMW iX M60 - for the rapids

With a car like the BMW iX M60, you can definitely ask whether the performance data and the price make sense. In terms of environmental compatibility, however, not, because the strong and fast Bayer is a beefy SUV with an electric drive that can be driven almost like a sports car despite a live weight of 2.6 tons.

It was clear that BMW would add a more powerful M variant to the iX 40 and the iX 50. Demand will show whether this is necessary in the end, because the above-mentioned protagonists are already not stingy with performance at 326 and 523 hp and are also not for bargain hunters at prices between 77,000 and 98,000 euros. And now comes the high-flyer from M GmbH with 619 hp and a maximum torque of 1100 Newton meters with active launch control. There is no need to talk about the price of 135,500 euros.

But be that as it may, for well-heeled environmentalists, the electric powerhouse will still have its appeal. This monster, 4.93 meters long and weighing 2.6 tons, accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds. With Launch Control, of course. However, you should not try this catapult start at the traffic light intersection in urban areas, because this immediate propulsion is something different than the linear build-up of a combustion engine. With the iX M60, the torque is immediately available at the front and rear axle motors and the Bavarian storms off with everything he has.

If you keep your right foot on the pedal, you will experience continuous power development that only ends at a limited speed of 250 km/h. How far the charge of the 105.2 kWh battery will last cannot be said at this point. In the WLTP test, BMW determined that, depending on the outside conditions, between 502 and 561 kilometers can be covered. Incidentally, the test consumption was 22.7 kWh, which is pretty much in the middle of the values ​​given in the data sheet.

Now the driver of an iX M60 will of course also have to adhere to the applicable speed specifications and in this respect there is no need to fear that full fire will be opened here in the endurance run. But if the driver is up for it, then he will benefit from the increased rigidity, an excellently tuned chassis, the two-axle air suspension with electronically controlled shock absorbers and absolutely sporty handling characteristics.

Which actually only means that you can also quickly turn sharp curves without having to worry that the weight will start to push naughtily or that the car will rock in any way if the load changes quickly. Quite the opposite: the beefy electric Bavarian runs around corners as if pulled by a string, which is probably also due to the larger stabilizers on the rear axle.

In order to decelerate the masses, a sports brake system is standard on the iX M60. Anyone who fears that the chassis control systems will also slow him down during dynamic rides can be reassured. The systems are designed in such a way that they handle the spontaneous and powerful development of power with ease. Long signal paths to the control unit for the DSC have been avoided, with the result that control interventions are ten times faster than with conventional systems and therefore have to intervene much later.

Once you have let off steam with your iX M60, you can return used energy to the battery with the help of adaptive recuperation. As with other electric cars, the drive control and navigation data as well as the sensors of the driver assistance systems are networked here in order to efficiently utilize overrun and braking phases in all traffic situations. Of course, it is faster at a quick charging station. Like its two siblings, the iX M60 is able to absorb direct current with an output of up to 195 kW. In 35 minutes, the state of charge is increased to almost 80 percent; if you only have ten minutes, you can cover another 150 kilometers.

Inside, the iX M60 is similar to the two iX brothers, except for marginal details. There are multifunction seats suitable for travel, the large BMW Curved Display or - and this should not go unmentioned - the hexagonal steering wheel, which takes some getting used to. BMW has dispensed with the center tunnel, which creates space for additional storage, for example. Incidentally, the auditory lighting of the occupants is provided by a Bowers and Wilkins Surround System. In addition to the desired music, the driving sound devised by the film composer Hans Zimmer also comes from here. It changes depending on the driving mode and finds its most eccentric expression in the Sport program.

The driver or the occupants as a group should decide for themselves whether they need these spherical or futuristic sounds. In any case, you don’t need them to enjoy the driving experience, the unbridled power and the excellent cornering behavior, the BMW iX M60 simply speaks for itself itself.

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