Boris Johnson: Virginia Crosbie resigns and Boris Johnson calls for the PM to resign

A Conservative Welsh MP quit her job as an aide to the government and demanded that Boris Johnson be removed as prime minister.

Boris Johnson: Virginia Crosbie resigns and Boris Johnson calls for the PM to resign

A Conservative Welsh MP quit her job as an aide to the government and demanded that Boris Johnson be removed as prime minister.

Virginia Crosbie, Ynys Mon MP, quit her position as Parliamentary Private Secretary at The Welsh Office because Johnson's position was "untenable".

After Chancellor Rishi Sunak's resignation and Health Secretary Sajid javid's resignation, her comments were made.

Both men said that they had lost faith in Johnson's leadership.

Ms Crosbie wrote to Mr Johnson resigning saying that his statements were inaccurate and contradictory about Chris Pincher.

She said that Johnson was not trustworthy and she believed it.

She added that "This cannot be a place to inhabit for any person in public life, let's not even a prime minister."

Ms Crosbie, a Welsh Tory MP, is the first to call for Boris Johnson's resignation.

She stated that she had given the prime minster the benefit of the doubt "on many occasions", but felt "the situation was getting worse".

Andrew RT Davies, Tory Senedd leader, has stated that Boris Johnson must prove that he can fulfill his mandate if he wants to remain in office.

Davies stated that it was "disapointing" that the government had "struggled" to deliver its agenda in recent times and that "the prime Minister must now demonstrate that he can fulfill his [election] mandate."

Minutes after Johnson tried to put an end to a row over MP Chris Pincher who is being accused of sexual misconduct, Mr Javid and Mr Sunak resigned.

Mr Davies stated that he believed it was crucial for the prime minister of the country to have the confidence of the party, parliament and country.

After being informed about a misconduct case against Mr Pincher, Mr Johnson had to apologize for appointing Mr Pincher into a government position.

Prime minister acknowledged that he was informed about the complaint in 2019, but had not taken action on it.

Minutes after the prime minister spoke, Mr Sunak and Mister Javid resigned.

Last week, Mr Pincher was removed as Tory MP.

Richard John, an ex-leader of the Conservative council in Monmouthshire, said that prime minister "really must go".

He stated that Boris had defeated Corbyn and delivered the Covid vaccines. However, honesty and integrity in politics are crucial.

"He knowingly appointed and trivialized Mr Pincher" was the verdict of Mr John.

Mr John was removed as the council leader during May's local elections and has called previously for the resignation of the prime minister.

Chris Bryant, Labour Rhondda MP and chairman, of the Commons’ Committee on Standards and Privileges (Commons’ Committee on Standards and Privileges), said he was looking forward to seeing the prime minister in the liaison committee "tomorrow".

"I cannot imagine what it must feel like for a Tory minister, having been assured and seeking assurances that what they were about to say was true... only to discover that they have been made look complete and utter idiots and that they've misled this country."

Bryant stated that there were "massive problems in the country right now with the cost-of-living crisis and war in Ukraine".

Boris Johnson is not a moral leader.

"I am delighted Javid and Sunak finally found this, but they are complicit in it - because they have defended him to the hilt every step of the way up until today."

Jo Stevens, Labour's Shadow Secretary for State for Wales, stated that people should question why Sunak Javid and Sunak had supported the prime minister so long.

She stated, "They knew he wasn't honest. They knew he was lying to them and mocked their sacrifices during the pandemic. They were also complicit in the scandal, sleaze and incompetence that are hallmarks of this disgraceful government.

"Boris Johnson has disgraced himself and the country. The public deserves a fresh start, and a new government.

Plaid Cymru leader Liz Saville Roberts predicted that the prime minister would be "dragged screaming out of Number 10, as cabinet ministers one by one find a backbone".

She said, "The chaos that has engulfed Westminster for many years is utterly insurmountable."

"People are tired of politicians who treat life as a game and who care more about personalities and theatre than principles and vision.

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