Colorado investigation: A clerk is running for the state's election

An official from Colorado who repeated former President Donald Trump’s lies about 2020's presidential contest is currently under investigation

Colorado investigation: A clerk is running for the state's election

. Monday's announcement by her state's top election officer was that she will be running.

Tina Peters is Mesa County Clerk. She was suspended by a judge from supervising the election in her western Colorado region last year. On Monday morning's podcast, Trump adviser Steve Bannon announced her bid to be Colorado Secretary of State.

Peters, a Republican has repeated Trump's false claims about the 2020 election. A grand jury and federal authorities are looking into how Peters allegedly allowed an unauthorized person to access her county's election data.

Peters stated in her announcement that Colorado deserves a Secretary to State who will confront the Biden administration's desire to run the country with nationalized elections.

Peters was arrested for resisting arrest by the local police, who were investigating her in relation to an illegal recording of a subordinate’s court hearing on her tablet. Peters is facing misdemeanor charges for obstructing justice.

Peters is one of three candidates who have announced their intention to run for the GOP primary. The winner will face Jena Griswold (Democratic Secretary of State), who was instrumental in the investigation into Peters.

Griswold stated that Tina Peters was unfit to serve as Secretary of State after Peters declared her candidacy.

Peters is just one of many who doubt whether President Joe Biden won the 2020 election. They also want to be top election officials in U.S. States.

Colorado is a Democratic-leaning State. The party controls all branches of state government. However, Peters' county stretches to the Utah border and is consistently conservative.

Republican election deniers are also running for Secretaries of State in major swing states like Arizona, Georgia and Michigan. Peters, an Arizona state legislator who was present at the Jan. 6, rally, and a Georgia congressman recruited to Trump's campaign are among the candidates. However, Peters might have the most interesting past.

In August 2021, she was first in national spotlight when she spoke at a conference hosted in August 2021 by Mike Lindell, a prominent denier of elections.

Peters claimed that she had evidence that the county voting machines were hacked. However, they were not connected to the internet. After her participation at the election drew national attention, she went into hiding for several weeks.

Griswold obtained a court order to stop Peters running for the 2021 election in her County and she has requested a similar injunction against Peters' participation in this year's elections.

Federal and state investigations were launched to determine how Peters' election software was able to be used in her country. Screenshots of the software appeared quickly on right-wing conspiracy websites.

Peters' deputy was suspended for allegedly aiding in the breach. She faces cybercrimes and burglary charges for sneaking back into her office after she was suspended.

Peters' illegal recording of the court appearance of the deputy that Peters was making led to the brawl at the Grand Junction bagel shop and her arrest.

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