George Floyd mural at Texas defaced with racial slur

George Floyd mural at Texas defaced with racial slur

The slur was covered up on Thursday from the artist that made the mural

The slur was labeled with graffiti and stated the"lives do not matter," according to reports.

"I'd like to tell you something, and I want everyone to know: Ignorant people with poor hearts and poor motives, don't provide them the power.

The slur was coated by the artist that made the mural, Daniel Anguilu. He explained his piece was made to provide healing and support for the community.

"My aim for this mural... was of service , but also to assist our communities heal from a number of those problems that we are confronting," he stated .

Anguilu noted it was not the first time which the mural was defaced. He also called it"a reminder that we only need to keep working and keep to perform the job that we think in."

The mural was made following Floyd -- a 46-year-old Black guy and longtime resident of Houston -- has been murdered last May.

"Our town was calm," Finner said Thursday. "The verdict came , and it was the ideal verdict. Some of us are mad about it. But something, in Houston, we will stick together"

He added that in case the individual has been captured, they'll be held liable. Meanwhile, Houston authorities are checking for surveillance movie, and wish to converse to possible witnesses in the region, Houston's KPRC-TV reported.

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