In Milan at Fashion Week: Leni Klum holds hands

It works for Leni Klum.

In Milan at Fashion Week: Leni Klum holds hands

It works for Leni Klum. Not only in terms of catwalk career, but apparently also in love. The 18-year-old is now very intimate with her boyfriend Aris Rachevsky at the fashion week in Milan. Mama Heidi's heart also rises.

They were definitely one of the real eye-catchers at Milan Fashion Week on Tuesday evening: Leni Klum and her boyfriend Aris Rachevsky. Hand in hand and perfectly styled, the two presented themselves to the photographers.

The 18-year-old wore an all-black leather outfit consisting of a bandeau top, high-waisted leather pants and platform boots. Smokey eyes and loose, blow-dried hair rounded off her look. She once again showed her sense for unusual styles.

But her boyfriend, who was born in 2003, had also thrown himself into a casual outfit. Rachevsky wore khaki, wide-leg trousers with a black quilted vest over a dark sweater.

Leni Klum opened "About You Fashion Week" in Milan, which also made her mother, Heidi Klum, very proud. The 49-year-old posted several clips on her Instagram page showing her daughter on the catwalk, in the dressing room or in conversation with other event participants.

In an interview, the "model mom" then spoke about her daughter's first year on the catwalk and was particularly enthusiastic about Leni's "authenticity". "It went really well," said Heidi Klum in conclusion. At the same time, she explained what she believed to be the biggest difference between her and her daughter: "She's not really like me, I love being a richly decorated Christmas tree."

You don't need it to be comfortable, Heidi Klum continued to blurt out. "I can then make myself comfortable in my coffin."

Leni Klum is the eldest child of the "Germany's next top model" presenter. She comes from a relationship between her mother and Formula 1 manager Flavio Briatore. She has three half-siblings - two brothers born in 2005 and 2006 respectively and a sister who was born in 2009. These come from Heidi Klum's later marriage to singer Seal, which broke up. The presenter is now married to Tokio Hotel musician Tom Kaulitz.

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