Last "police call" with Raczek: A good dozen

After Maria Simon, Lucas Gregorowicz has now also left the RBB "Police Call 110".

Last "police call" with Raczek: A good dozen

After Maria Simon, Lucas Gregorowicz has now also left the RBB "Police Call 110". Fritz Roth, who died in August, was also seen for the last time in "Abgrund". From now on André Kaczmarczyk alias Vincent Ross has to judge. He/she/it has the potential to do so.

Last case, last mission, it's enough for Adam Raczek (Lucas Gregorowicz). And as if it needed another (literally) manslaughter argument, the worn-out chief inspector is once again knocked out in the face, he experiences a touch of love with Eva Wozniak (Anja Antonowicz), the fleeting idea of ​​a life after - to the end then again too late to come. Adam and Eve? An ultimately highly tragic episode that ends with her violent death.

"After seven years and twelve adventures, it's time to go," Gregorowicz said in an interview. "I am very grateful for this time: for the people I was able to work with, the friendships and the chance to live out my own Polish side in this first-class format, Maria Simon, the broadcaster RBB and the always great teams and fantastic Colleagues on both sides of the border."

In 2015, Adam Raczek joined the German-Polish group of investigators and investigated with Olga Lenski (Maria Simon) from the border town of Świecko on both sides of the border. "Grenzgänger", the title of the first joint case, our assessment at the time: "The 'new one', he comes across as a mix of his slot colleagues from 'Tatort': quick-tempered like Faber, motorized like Stellbrink, diva-like like Boerne, plus Stedefreunds Buddy potential - it all evaporates into a very distinct guy."

Raczek/Gregorowicz has cultivated this "own type" for twelve assignments, sometimes seemed a bit strained, idiosyncratic, then confidently at peace again. So now it's time to say goodbye, and that just when a promising counterpart, detective inspector candidate Vincent Ross (André Kaczmarczyk), has started his service. Ross is also a character of his own, the first gender-fluid commissioner on German television, going through a number of aggregate states in "Abgrund": While the two contrary investigators clashed at the beginning of the film, something grew together over the course of the 90 minutes that could well have belonged together . How the two hug each other - a strong, an intense scene. And at the same time the end, because Raczek/Gregorowicz is now irrevocably over.

Fritz Roth was also there for the last time. Since 2011 he had played the police chief "Wolle" Wolfgang Neumann. The likeable actor died on August 8th at the age of 67 after a long illness.

That leaves Vincent Ross, who now has to investigate on his own. How that feels, how entertaining it is and, above all, how this character will continue can be checked in the first quarter of 2023. "God of Bankruptcy" is the title of the already completed episode. We are excited.

(This article was first published on Sunday, December 11, 2022.)