Legislative 2022. Drome: Nupes strikes hard and will be in round two in the four constituencies

Three of the four.

Legislative 2022. Drome: Nupes strikes hard and will be in round two in the four constituencies

Three of the four. The Drome ruled over local anchoring.

The New Popular Ecological and Social Union wins with 30.17% of votes in a district that voted slightly less than 2017 (50.72% versus 50.41%). This clearly qualifies four of its representatives to the second round.

It is ahead La Republique en Marche-Ensemble (20.23%) and the National Rally (19.38%).

Three outgoing deputies, Mireille Clapo (LREM), Celia de Lavergne in the 1st constituency (LREM3) and Emmanuelle Anthoine in the 4th constituency are all preceded in their respective constituencies by Jean-Luc Melenchon, the candidate for the new union of left.

The National Rally is first in the 2nd constituency. This is the only one where Alice Thourot (LREM), the outgoing deputy, did not represent herself. Lisette Pollet, its candidate (26.64%), is performing almost as well than Marine Le Pen (28.55%), who had won this constituency in the first round. In a rare duel of extremes, she will be facing Gilles Reynaud (La France immiscible), the candidate for Nupes.

This constituency is not the only one that the Melenchonist wave swept through: the third constituency saw the remarkable ecologist Marie Pochon (35.49%), which outperformed the outgoing MP Celia de Lavergne (12 points).

The gap between Mireille Clapot (20.45%) and Karim Chkeri (27.38%), in the 1st constituency was also widening. Finally, the fourth constituency saw the victory of Pierre Jouvet, a socialist who came third in 2017 with 13% and didn't qualify for the second round. He won this time with 30.50%, beating the outgoing Republican, Emmanuelle Anthoine by more than four.

Even though his score is lower than that of the leftist vote in 2017, the PS chief negotiator for the Insoumis certainly has benefited from the national spotlight.

It is still unclear whether the Nupes have exhausted their reserves and received their votes, which could be a benefit to their opponents next Sunday. Or whether the momentum of victory will be sufficient to stop the carry-overs that do not seem to be systematic across all constituencies.

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