Motion of no confidence Abascal urges the PP to "recover credibility" and support the fall of a "rotten" government

"A nonsense, a circus, a joke, a blunder, a buffoonery, a grotesque, an irrelevant street parade

Motion of no confidence Abascal urges the PP to "recover credibility" and support the fall of a "rotten" government

"A nonsense, a circus, a joke, a blunder, a buffoonery, a grotesque, an irrelevant street parade. What are you all doing here?" With these words, Santiago Abascal has opened the debate on the motion of censure that Vox has presented against the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez. The Vox leader has attacked all the groups in the Chamber, but in particular he has targeted the PP and PSOE. He has urged the popular to "recover credibility" and demonstrate it by voting in favor of the motion of no confidence to overthrow a government of "rot." He has accused the socialists, and especially Sánchez, of lacking "dignity", of having "deceived" all Spaniards, of being an "autocrat" and a "despot".

The President of the Government has replied by calling the motion "bizarre" and has responded to the questions launched by Abascal with a blunt phrase: "What is Vox for?" Sánchez has criticized Vox for its "low attachment to work", its "angry expressions against the different" and its lack of "proposals". The president has emphasized that PP and Vox "seem like two peas in a pod" because they vote the same with the intention of "disrupting the welfare state." The only difference between the two, he has said, is the "plus of brutality" that Vox provides and has sentenced: "It is the glutamate of the right."

Abascal has complained about the treatment given to a motion of censure that, in his opinion, Sánchez deserves. And he has lamented the "torticous translations" and the "manipulation" that, he has anticipated, will be made of his words and of those pronounced by the presidential candidate, Ramón Tamames, whom he has presented as the man who will call for the "end of the suicidal legislature".

In line with this reflection, he recalled that Sánchez was the first to "degrade the dignity of the Chamber" by lying to the Spanish, repealing the crimes of sedition and lowering that of embezzlement, approving a state of alarm later declared unconstitutional by the TC, supporting laws such as that of only yes is yes or Trans, allying with those who attack the monarchy and the Constitution or who shine in plenary without having "shaken off the gunpowder of terrorism".

"If this motion is a grotesque, what the hell is his thing called?" The Vox leader asked the Chamber.

Abascal has also taken action against the absent leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, whom he has accused of "wanting to permanently agree with the PSOE." "Vox is not the enemy to beat", he has assured, addressing the bench of the popular. He has also reproached them for his attitude in Congress, even more so when the PP is not going to support a motion against a government "that loots the nation."

"The first obligation of a politician is sincerity and it is not possible to approach the PSOE and Vox at the same time," he assured. The Vox leader has urged the PP to "recover credibility and principles" because, he stressed, "what is being voted on today is whether or not Sánchez deserves censure and whether or not it is necessary to call an election immediately." "We ask that we vote together today and that we understand each other tomorrow to offer the Spanish people a solid alternative of institutional strength. If they do not want to do so, all their voters have the right to know."

The president of Vox has displayed in his speech all the ideas of his party, opposing it to the management of Sánchez. A management based, he has said, on the "fiscal robbery" of the workers, on the "blowing up of public resources", on the constant attack on families and on the "release of criminals, terrorists and rapists". In short, a policy of an "autocrat" and a "despot."

Abascal has finished his speech calling for the end of the legislature of "division, hatred and ruin".

In his reply, Sánchez has made an effort to put Vox and PP in the same bag and has assumed that Feijóo is getting closer and closer to Abascal by going from the 'no' that the popular ones dedicated under the leadership of Pablo Casado to the first motion that Vox presented against him, to the abstention that they reserve for this second attempt at censorship.

The president has defended the "legitimacy" of his government, he said, "come out of the polls." In his opinion, his management has overcome the "conflict and confrontation in Catalonia" inherited from the PP government. He has also taken advantage of Sánchez to point out the PP as the "only one that breaks and hijacks the Constitution" for its blockade when it comes to renewing the CGPJ. The president has not forgotten to pry his chest out of the economic situation and to this he has added that it is "grotesque" that now "the cry is raised to heaven for a black sheep" when the popular "have dabbled in corruption for years."

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