Nick Jonas discovers that BMX racing can be 'no joke' and fractures ribs in 'Olympic Dreams Special'

Some heartbreaking injuries can occur on the road to the Olympics - Nick Jonas can attest.

Nick Jonas discovers that BMX racing can be 'no joke' and fractures ribs in 'Olympic Dreams Special'

The singer kept an air of mystery after taking a "spill on a bike" that left him with a "cracked rib" among "other bumps and bruises" this spring. Fans now know that the injury occurred because he was competing against his brothers in Olympic sports on NBC's "Olympic Dreams Featuring Jonas Brothers."

The special aired Wednesday night and featured the coach of "Voice", Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas participating in hurdle jumping and gymnastics. Kevin Jonas was the youngest Jonas Brother to be admitted to the hospital after the latter caused an injury.

When you think of BMX, you immediately think of riding a bicycle. He reflected on his experience before he attempted to train on the track for the first time. "Most of us can ride bikes. But this is a different level." His brothers agreed: Joe Jonas stated he was scared, while Kevin Jonas described the sport as "no joke".

Although he felt "intimidated" initially, Nick Jonas quickly became more comfortable with BMX racing and felt "really good on his bike." "At the moment, I feel pretty good."

However, things turned downhill on race day.

Nick Jonas was leading the race going into the first turn. The front wheel of Nick Jonas' bike began to slide, and the singer was forced to crash hard onto his side. Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas both tipped to avoid landing on top.

After a while, the youngest Jonas Brother sat down on his knees and then stood up. He told his brothers, "I (expletive), up my back." Kevin Jonas advised him to not attempt to walk while medics came over.

He said, "I think that my ribs are (expletive), up too." Soon after, he could be seen wincing as he was strapped to a wheelchair and EMTs lifted him into an ambulance.

"I believe the tape speaks for itself. Nick Jonas stated afterward that he always gives 110% and that sometimes that earns you the gold. It got me a broken rib, bruised tailbone, and hospital dinner. But I am now recovering. Thanks for asking, next question."

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