Police are searching for a suspect in the murder of a golf pro. 2 other bodies were found at a Georgia country club

Police are investigating the murders of three men, including Gene Siller, a golf pro. Their bodies were discovered on the grounds at an Atlanta-area country Club.

Police are searching for a suspect in the murder of a golf pro. 2 other bodies were found at a Georgia country club

According to a police release, the Cobb County police responded quickly to a call about a suspect shot at 2:20 p.m. on Saturday. They found Siller near the Pinetree Country Club's 10th green in Kennesaw. He was the pro golfer there.

Pinetree's director for golf, Siller, was unresponsive after a "apparent gunshot to the head" and was declared dead on the spot, police stated.

The suspect drove to the green in a white Ram 3500 pickup truck, and shot 41-year old Siller.

The release stated that police found two bodies in the truck's bed after finding the truck on the green. According to police, both victims were also shot in the head.

Police say Gene Siller was killed after someone drove a pickup truck onto the course.

Police identified one of the victims as Paul Pierson who is the registered owner for the Ram 3500. However, police have yet to identify the other victim.

The suspect is still being sought by police.

CNN was informed by investigators that they are asking residents for clues to their doorbell video.

Slain Georgia Golf Pro Gene Siller treated all with respect, friend said

Students at Kennesaw State University were alerted by the Emergency Management Twitter account regarding the incident. Their campus is located near the country club. They were instructed to resume their normal activities later on Saturday. "No credible threat is indicated at the moment."

Georgia State Golf Association offered condolences to Siller's family. "All of us at GSGA are deeply affected by the tragic events at Pinetree CC earlier today. "Our thoughts and prayers are with Gene Siller’s family and friends," tweeted.

According to the Pinetree Country Club, Siller has left behind a wife and two children aged 6 and 7.

"Tragedy struck the Georgia Section PGA with the death of our Member Gene Siller. "Tragedy has struck the Georgia Section PGA in the loss of our Member, Gene Siller," Georgia's Professional golfers' Association tweeted.

Jim Richerson, President of PGA of America, also released a statement. "We are truly heartbroken about the senseless murder yesterday at Pine Tree Country Club (Georgia) that took the life of PGA Member Gene Siller," the statement stated. "PGA of America sends its deepest sympathies, thoughts, and prayers to his family and club."

Sebastian Schutte was a friend of Siller and said that the community was shocked.

He told CNN that he didn't realize it was happening at his country club until much later. It's still unbelievable to me.

He stated that Siller was well-liked, and treated everyone with respect.

Siller's family created a GoFundMe page for financial assistance.

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