Queen's Jubilee. Harry and Meghan at Jubilee Mass without Elizabeth II

The British royal family met on Friday to celebrate 70 years of Elizabeth II's historic reign.

Queen's Jubilee. Harry and Meghan at Jubilee Mass without Elizabeth II

The British royal family met on Friday to celebrate 70 years of Elizabeth II's historic reign. Buckingham Palace announced Thursday evening that the 96 year-old monarch was absent "reluctantly" due to "discomfort." Charles, her heir, represents the queen, who is unable to walk due to difficulty walking. On Thursday, she appeared twice on the palace balcony and participated in the evening at Windsor Castle in an interminable ceremony to turn on the lights.

After leaving California in 2012, Prince Harry and Meghan made their first visit to the UK. The Duke of Sussex arrived in an off-white dress and military medals on his jacket shortly after 11 AM to receive applause and boos at the cathedral's steps.

Boris Johnson was booed by the crowd and held the hand of his wife Carrie and his predecessors Tony Blair, David Cameron, and David Cameron. This religious ceremony is surrounded by heavy ceremonial, with traditional uniformed guards standing in rows along the steps and on the forecourt. The bells are ringing constantly. This event is attended by around 2,000 people and marks the record-breaking longevity of Queen Elizabeth, the popular queen, who as 25 years old, ascended to the throne on February 6, 1952.

The "Sussexes", who arrived from the United States along with their two children, for the celebrations has caused a lot hostile ink to flow. This is a reflection on the unpopularity of their departure and their sensational confessions made on American television. All gestures and looks made before, during, and after the service will all be scrutinized with magnifying glasses, following the family tensions over the past two-years. Relations between Harry, 37 and William, 39, who is second in line to throne, were almost non-existent for two years. They have not had much success with Prince Charles, her father and heir to the crown. Omid Scobie, the biographer of the couple, said that they met their family in Windsor on Thursday. This gave the Queen the chance to meet Lilibet, who celebrates her first birthday, on Saturday.

According to Buckingham Palace, Andrew, the queen's second child, was absent Friday due to Covid-19. Since he was accused of sexual assault in connection to the Epstein affair in America, which he ended by paying several millions dollars, he no longer holds any official position. He and Harry and Meghan were not invited to the Buckingham Palace balcony, where the Queen was cheered by thousands of Londoners. Harry and Meghan were seen from afar, watching the Salute To The Colors military parade from another building.

On Saturday, the celebrations will continue with a large concert in front Buckingham Palace. There will also be thousands of neighbors having lunches on Sunday and a parade through London that evening with almost 10,000 participants. The Conservative government, taking advantage of this patriotic atmosphere and not unlike a 96 year-old monarch who is planning for the future, launched a consultation Friday to return to the imperial measurement system in light of Brexit. It will allow pint sizes to be certified with a logo that represents a crown and not the European CE.

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