Ready, set, finally! Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach is back

It all felt new Monday since the Bethpage Air Show began at Jones Beach under mostly cloudy skies, but more notably arid conditions. It also felt familiar.

Ready, set, finally! Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach is back

For the first time since it started in 2004, the"Memorial Day Weekend" series -- this year featuring the United States Air Force Thunderbirds and Army Golden Knight parachutists -- along with other stunt performers, actually is occurring on Memorial Day.

It's also the long-delayed return of the popular show after cancellations, first in the pandemic and then, Saturday and Sunday, by the weather.

Selden resident Mike Neumayer, 58, waiting for the series to start with his wife of 32 years, Diane, 57, also said that the day had a special importance for the bunch.

"We got married on Memorial Day weekend," he explained. "Time has passed but my beautiful bride appears exactly the same and the party persists."

The atmosphere is now a"family affair," Mike Neumayer stated. The couple were united on the shore by their two brothers and new son-in-law.

"My father and uncle were both in the Air Force and coming to this, it is a fantastic way to show patriotism, show respect," explained Mike Neumayer. His favourite part of the occasion? "Hands-down that the Thunderbirds," he said.

At Jones Beach, couples held hands as they walked round the boardwalk, children smiled while waving small American flags, and households cried happily as they made their way to the sand. All waited for this familiar roar -- jet engines -- a reminder of what Long Islanders did for fun before the coronavirus, and beginning are starting to do .

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