Soccer. The free fall of Bordeaux, from the 2009 title to the 2022 disaster in ten dates

The Girondins have won three trophies, including the title of champion of France 2009, and they are unstoppable.

Soccer. The free fall of Bordeaux, from the 2009 title to the 2022 disaster in ten dates

The Girondins have won three trophies, including the title of champion of France 2009, and they are unstoppable...until Christmas. After Laurent Blanc's announcement that he was leaving France for the 2010 World Cup, they collapse. They are 6th in L1. Their payroll explodes.

As a result of the management post-title, we now speak for the first-time of austerity in Bordeaux. We announce a "restricted budget" and no recruitment during the off-season. Owner of the club, M6 Channel, the Girondins have estimated the club's loss at 13.5 million Euros.

For the first time, the name General American Capital Partners (GACP), appears in the media. According to media reports, the American investment fund is currently in talks with M6, who is searching for a buyer.

The club's sale price is set at 70 million euros. M6 quickly confirmed that it had entered into exclusive negotiations with GACP. In November 2018, the Girondins were sold to GACP and King Street.

The president Frederic Longuepee was deemed responsible for the club’s problems by some ultras. A ticketing scandal led to certain fans being denied access to the south bend because there were not enough seats. This grandstand was also not full.

The Ultramarines broadcast a series of disturbing audio recordings from private meetings between Bordeaux leaders and club members, which they are keeping in complete confinement. Antony Thiodet, director of Networks and Commercial Strategy Stadium, is the one in question. King Street provided budgetary guarantees to the DNCG, French football's financial manager, a few weeks later.

After a successful first half, there were rumors of a deficit of EUR 80m. The Lyon defeat (1-2) marks the start of the journey to the sporting desert. Bordeaux will lose 11 matches and be 16th in the L1 rankings five days after the final match.

King Street declared that he no longer wanted to support the club or fund future and current needs. The commercial court appoints an ad-hoc representative to help the club find a lasting solution.

Two takeover offers were made at Rothschild's investment bank at the end of June. The first was issued by Didier Quillot (ex-executive director general of Professional Football League (LFP), and the second by Gerard Lopez (ex-president of Lille). The club was delisted as a precautionary measure and moved to Ligue 2 at the beginning of July. Lopez officially assumed control of the Girondins after presenting its financial plan to the commercial court.

Bordeaux, celebrating its 140th birthday last October, spoils it by committing multiple defeats (ranking 19th). After yet another defeat against Reims (0-5), Coach Vladimir Petkovic (who arrived in July 2021 with Lopez) was fired in February. Bordeaux, which was last in the standings in May, was relegated to Ligue 2 for the first time since 30 years.

The axe falls a few weeks later. The DNCG sanctions Girondins with an administrative promotion in National (3rd div) after a financial review of the club. ).

Lopez appealed immediately the decision. The club must raise 40 million euros to avoid bankruptcy. Its leaders are increasing the steps to guarantee this.

The FFF appeal committee however confirmed Tuesday that Girondins De Bordeaux was administratively demotion to National. This decision is ultimately associated with filing bankruptcy and the fallout in National 3 (5th Division).

Lopez responds, "I will fight till the end," promising to explore all avenues of appeal.

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