Strategies to Help You Have an Enjoyable Commute

Studies show time and time again that longer commutes contribute to decreased job satisfaction, and they are a dreaded part of the workday.

Strategies to Help You Have an Enjoyable Commute

Studies show time and time again that longer commutes contribute to decreased job satisfaction, and they are a dreaded part of the workday. Many people spend around 60-hour minutes per day commuting to and from work but driving in a crowded bus, train, or car or riding on the subway is undoubtedly not the most enjoyable part of your day. Train delays, traffic jams, and that very irritating stop-and-go pulls just make for an annoying commute. 

So, if you want to have more fun during your commute (yes, that is a thing) or at least make your commuting more bearable, we've got your back. Below, we will take a closer look at some strategies that can help you have a more enjoyable commute and get you prepared for the day ahead of you.

Mobile Games

Anyone would advise you to load your tablet or smartphone with mobile games before you embark on a long commute. The App Store and the Google Play store feature hundreds of mobile games based on every genre and sub-genre.

Literally, you can choose from simple puzzles and brain-training games or switch your course and play something more challenging like first-shooter games, RPG games, action games, and many other options. So, never underestimate the power of an entertaining mobile game that will capture your attention and make you forget all about your hour-long commute. 

Otherwise, if you are interested in games of chance, you can always try your luck with online casino games. They are mobile-friendly and compatible across Apple and Android devices, and the best part is that online casinos are also available as mobile casino apps or mobile casino websites.

In terms of the gaming collection, although there are some discrepancies between desktop and mobile casino games, you will find that many types of casino games are accessible. Namely, you can try your luck with everything from online slots, in many themes and variations, to table games like poker, roulette, live dealer casino games, and much more. 

Audiobooks and Podcasts 

One way to minimize the noise and to have more enjoyable communities is to add your favorite audiobooks and podcasts on your smartphone or tablet. When it comes to your audiobooks, there are many platforms that are based mainly on mobile applications that host hundreds of different audiobooks which are based on best-sellers, classics, plays, personal-development books and much more. The truth is that there are many other options.

So, whatever your preferences might be, there are plenty of gripping reads that you can listen to on your way to work. In addition to that, podcasts are another popular audio option. New podcasts are being made available every day that feature famous gusts and celebrity hosts, but there are also podcasts that are based on investigative work.  For example, documentaries or reportage.

Either way, there are multiple reasons why podcasts are so popular, the main one being that podcasts are available free of charge. Also, you can choose from podcast episodes based on their length. 

There are podcast episodes that last a couple of minutes to a couple of hours, and many are shorter in comparison. Moreover, the topics are quite varied, starting from regular podcasts based on topics such as current news and affairs, politics, entertainment, personal development, or even entertainment news. 

If you want to educate yourself on certain topics, they can be a perfect source of information. So, you can choose one that is important for your career, which will to further improve your knowledge or skills, or help ypi unwind, at the end of the day, by listening to your personal best comedians. The choices are endless. 


Many people underestimate the power of a good book. After a day spent staring at a blue screen, disrupted by a stream of never-ending notifications, you just want to give your mind a breather. And what better way to do it than immersing yourself in your favorite book?

Not only do you reduce your screen time, and you are not doom-scrolling on your phone, but also you have an unwind with an engrossing read. Also, if paperback books don't fit in your bag, you can always opt to download books on your smartphone or invest in a Kindle reader.