Subpoenas may shed light on Jan. 6's origins

With its latest round subpoenas, the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol Insurrection may discover the extent to which Trump's campaign, White House and former President Donald Trump were involved in the planning of the rally, which was billed as a grassroots demonstration that preceded the riot.

Subpoenas may shed light on Jan. 6's origins

This week, 11 subpoenas were sent to those who organized or helped at the Ellipse rally. Trump encouraged the crowd marching to the Capitol and said that he would never allow the country to be taken back with weakness. You must show strength and be strong.

Many of the organizers had previously worked in Trump's administration or on Trump's presidential campaign. They could give new details about how the violent attack was launched.

The committee demanded materials relating to planning, funding, and participation at the Ellipse. This event was planned to protest the November election results as well as other events such as a bus tour, marches through Washington, and demonstrations in November and December. The committee requested communications from lawmakers and officials of Trump's administration. This could help to determine whether or not government officials were involved in planning the day.

One of those subpoenaed, whose company was hired to provide event security on that day, stated to The Associated Press that he intended to cooperate.

Lyndon Brentnall of Florida's RMS Protective Services said, "We have every intention to comply with the House select committee." "As far we are concerned, we provided security for a legal event that was jointly organized by the U.S. Secret Service (USS Secret Service) and the Park Police.

It wasn't clear if the other witnesses would give documents to the committee by October 13th or testify at depositions that were scheduled for late October through the first of November as requested by the committee. Brentnall was the only one to comment.

Brentnall stated that all staff working security at the event with him were vetted and screened by the Secret Service as well as Park Police. He said that names, telephone numbers, and Social Security numbers of staff were submitted in advance.

"We ran the event security and transported VIPs from the hotel to the event and back to the hotel. He told AP that this was all he did.

Two people who were familiar with the event's planning told the AP that Trump was made aware of the plans in December by the White House. They were not authorized to speak publicly about the matter and spoke under condition of anonymity.

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