Taliban: 5 civilians killed in Kabul mosque bombing

A Taliban official stated that at least five civilians died in the bomb blast outside a Kabul mosque on Sunday. This was the most serious attack on the Afghan capital since the U.S. troops left the country at the end August.

Taliban: 5 civilians killed in Kabul mosque bombing

Although there was no immediate claim to responsibility, suspicion fell upon Islamic State extremists, who increased attacks on the Taliban in recent week, especially in an IS stronghold in eastern Afghanistan.

A roadside bomb was apparently set off at the Eid Gah Mosque's gate in Kabul, just as a memorial service was taking place for Zabihullah Mujahid, the chief Taliban spokesperson. Qari Saeed Khosti, spokesperson for the Interior Ministry, stated that five people were killed.

This explosion highlighted the increasing challenges that the Taliban face, just weeks after taking control of Afghanistan in a blitz operation that culminated in their takeover in Kabul on August 15.

The Taliban had been involved in bombing and shooting attacks during their 20-year-old insurgency. Now, they must contend with rival militants who use the same tactics. As the Taliban attempt to manage the country without the huge amount of foreign aid they received from the U.S., the security issues are increasing.

According to Bilal Karimi (a Taliban spokesperson), three suspects were detained in Sunday's blast in Kabul. He stated that Taliban fighters had not been hurt.

Mohammad Israil, Kabul resident, claimed he heard a "loud sound" and saw people fleeing.

A Kabul-based Italian-funded emergency hospital tweeted that it had treated four victims of the blast.

The Taliban surrounded the mosque and kept a strong security presence. Later that afternoon, the site was cleaned. The entrance gate's ornamental arch sustained minor damage.

Since their mid-August overthrow, IS militants have intensified attacks on the Taliban, signaling an increasing conflict between them.

IS has a strong presence within the eastern province Nangarhar where it is responsible for numerous killings at the provincial capital Jalalabad.

Late August saw an IS suicide bomber target American evacuation efforts at Kabul’s international airport. It was the deadliest attack on Afghanistan in many years, killing 169 Afghans as well as 13 U.S. military personnel.

Although attacks in Kabul are rare, IS has been showing signs of expanding its reach beyond the east and closer to the capital in recent weeks.

Taliban fighters attacked an IS hideout in Parwan province, just north of Kabul on Friday. Four Taliban fighters were injured in the raid by an IS roadside bomb.

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