Virginian-Pilot reporter among two killed in Norfolk shooting

Sierra Jenkins, 25 years old, who was covering education for The Virginian-Pilot and Devon M. Harris (25, of Portsmouth), were both killed. Three other people were also injured.

Virginian-Pilot reporter among two killed in Norfolk shooting

NORFOLK (Va.) A reporter for a Virginia newspaper was among two people who were shot and killed in a shooting that occurred early Saturday outside a bar and restaurant, according to authorities.

Officials say Sierra Jenkins, 25, was a reporter for The Virginian Pilot of Norfolk. She died at Sentara Norfolk Hospital following the shooting outside Chicho’s Pizza Backstage.

The shooting also left three other people with injuries. Detectives from Norfolk were investigating. Rory Schindel , the restaurant manager, said that Jenkins was caught in crossfire while she was leaving the bar. As of Saturday afternoon, no arrests had been made.

Jenkins was born in Norfolk, and she graduated from Georgia State University. Before joining The Pilot in December 2020, she worked as an intern for Atlanta Magazine and CNN.

"Sierra was bright and talented, with so many things going for her. Kris Worrell, editor-in-chief at Virginia Media, which owns The Virginian-Pilot as well as several other newspapers, said that her passion for journalism was evident and the community is better for it. "Sierra was energetic, funny, and full of enthusiasm. "We are devastated."

Schindel stated that bartenders announced the last call for drinks at 1:30 a.m. and turned on the lights. A fight broke out outside and people began to leave. Shots rang out shortly afterward, according to the newspaper.

Police in Norfolk identified Devon M. Harris (25), of Portsmouth as the victim. A second woman sustained a fatal gunshot wound to her head, and two men suffered gunshot wounds not as serious, according to police in a press release.

Maurice Jenkins, a father of Jenkins, Virginia Beach, said that his daughter was not a "going-out type of person at all". However, he had a friend who visited the area and wanted to take her out. Chicho's Pizza Backstage was located next to Tidewater Community College in downtown Norfolk.

Sierra Jenkins celebrated her birthday last weekend. According to the newspaper, she moved into her first apartment in Virginia Beach last month after living with family.

Some of the state's most prominent leaders were saddened by Saturday's deaths.

Governor Glenn Youngkin tweeted, "Our hearts are broken for the lives lost at Norfolk, including Sierra Jenkins." Glenn Youngkin tweeted. "The First Lady, I, and Glenn Youngkin are praying for their families and friends, as well as the Virginian-Pilot Community."


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