4 Examples of Equipment You Need For Your New Warehouse

Investing in a warehouse that you can use for any type of storage is a great business move

4 Examples of Equipment You Need For Your New Warehouse

Investing in a warehouse that you can use for any type of storage is a great business move. Whether the plan is to use the space for raw materials, finished goods, or spare parts for manufacturing equipment, there are a few basics that you will need. To help you get started here are four essentials that should be at the top of your list.

Pallets and Pallet Racks

Pallets make it much easier to keep boxes of any type of goods properly organized. They also provide a means of making better use of the vertical space in your new warehouse. Assuming the pallets are loaded properly, it’s easier to stack them two or even three pallets high. If the type of goods you are storing cannot be stacked that high, consider investing in pallet racks. The best type make it easy to slide a pallet into the lower or upper tiers with ease and store more materials while using less floor space.


There is no doubt that having more than one type of forklift will come in handy. You may use one design for unloading goods that will remain in the warehouse until they are needed. A second one can be reserved for loading finished goods onto the waiting trailers. While many business owners do think of these kinds of lifts, remember that something with a smaller profile will also come in handy. Owning a narrow aisle forklift often makes it easier to extract something you need from an aisle of goods without having to move everything that’s in front. Think of the time and effort that this type of lift will save you. In addition, A narrow aisle lift is often ideal for reorganizing the warehouse if the need arises. Forklift Rear Guard is also a valuable addition to your other forklift truck parts. It is made to protect your worker against accidents.

Bins and Containers

While some goods will arrive in crates and fit on pallets with ease, other items are best kept in bins or similar containers. This is certainly the case with many types of machine parts. If part of your plan is to allocate warehouse space for parts that can be used to repair your manufacturing equipment, bins are a great way to organize them by department or machine type. Best of all, you can label the bins and be able to get what you need quickly. You’ll also find this approach comes in handy when it’s time to do an inventory reconciliation and physically count each and every part.

Floor Cleaning Equipment

Warehouse spaces that are kept organized and tidy provide safer working environments. Push brooms are great, but the floors will need more attention from time to time. Consider investing in a couple of concrete floor scrubbers that you can use to remove any type of residue from the floor surfaces. Doing so minimizes the potential for employees to slip and injure themselves. Clean floors are also more effective in terms of avoiding contamination of the raw materials you will use in the production of the goods your company sells. If you are not sure how to properly outfit your new warehouse, talk with an expert today. It won’t take long to create a list of essentials and ensure you have everything necessary to keep the space in top shape.

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