Concert with 13,000 spectators: A much-needed Signal

here we go again, at least a little bit. "An exception, a lighthouse, a Signal" is the name of the concert promoter and managing Director of Live Nation Germa

Concert with 13,000 spectators: A much-needed Signal

here we go again, at least a little bit. "An exception, a lighthouse, a Signal" is the name of the concert promoter and managing Director of Live Nation Germany, Marek lieberberg, his first major event, to be held in September in düsseldorf mercury game Arena. "Give Live A Chance" is the name of the concert in which Bryan Adams, Sarah Connor, Rea Garvey, The BossHoss, Joris, and Michael Mittermeier in front of 13,000 spectators to play.

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This is an opportunity for the Live music, is urgently needed, says better mountain. Economically the event is not worthwhile, however, "at all", on the contrary, it would be a minus business. The Tickets could be refunded in an emergency, and with prices from 50 to 80 Euro, very cheap for a stadium concert. "We want to show that under the most difficult conditions of a concert of this kind is possible, we want to show that the audience to be tolerant and responsible, and we want to open the door a little further in a re-entry scenario," so, dear mountain.

"Coldplay in front of 10,000 spectators, is an impossibility" – read here the F+-Interview with Marek lieberberg about the hardships of the concert industry.

However, the NRW health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU), said on Friday that he had "reasonable doubt as to the legal basis" of the concert. The concept had not been with the country tuned in. What security is concerned, have you taken all the measures, said, dear the mountain of the F. A. Z. At the concert, the distances have to be adhered to, it is the mask mandatory in the stadium and up to the Reach of the vehicle was also a strict ban on alcohol. The viewers of the blocks would have to get separate input times allocated, so that no crowds of people in front of the stadium could form.

"self-prescribed occupational therapy for staff and artists"

"The project is a further Signal and provides an extremely necessary attention in terms of the Live Entertainment industry. From an economic perspective, with a quarter up to a maximum of one third of the total capacity, increased logistics and hygiene measures, and under normal salaries and cost structures, but earn definitely not money,“ says stops Stephan Thanscheidt, Co-Director of the concert and festival promoter FKP Scorpio, at the Live Nation competitor, CTS Eventim, the majority.

"You should not let this deceive us, that organizers dare to make, in spite of the restrictions, again baby steps in the concert business," says Jens Michow, managing President of the German Federal Association of concert and Event management (BDKV) in respect of the F. A. Z. It was mostly "self-prescribed occupational therapies for the employees and also the artists". "The artist and the organizer are just desperate and processes according to the Motto: Better to have something than nothing to do," says Michow more.

Open the

Also in the Eventim operated waldbühne in Berlin from the 4. September also take place concerts under the relevant Hygiene and safety precautions. Instead of a potential of around 23,000 spectators here 5000 Fans to performances by, among others, Roland Kaiser, Sido or Helge Schneider will be allowed. Also many smaller Open-Air variants of off-the-drive-in-concerts have emerged in the meantime. The Berlin-based Agency tramp Booking organized around "picnic concerts", where groups of visitors are sitting on their Blankets, and as soon as you stand up, mouth and nose protection, and the minimum distance of 1.50 meters should comply with. Similar approaches are also being equipped. The former Tomte frontman Thees Uhlmann, for instance, is the fountain at the end of July in the Cologne dance in front of almost 900 people occurred.

Date Of Update: 07 August 2020, 17:20

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