Entrepreneurs explode before the political harassment: "The public sector lives off the private sector"

The president of Mercadona: "The mess political causes us to be more acojonados, but the economy is going" The minister of Finance says to the companies t

Entrepreneurs explode before the political harassment:

The president of Mercadona: "The mess political causes us to be more acojonados, but the economy is going"

The minister of Finance says to the companies that the rise in tax will be returned to the reputation that is lost

The big businessmen broke out on Monday in the face of what they consider to be political harassment of its social function and announced that they are going to mobilize to have more public presence. Them stings that the Government and We submitted to them as that do not pay taxes and exploit workers. The statement of the Finance minister,Maria Jesus Montero, that are going to raise the taxation of the large companies, as a favor to improve their image in society is one of the drop that overflows the glass and unleash the unusual output in the barrage of business figures for claimed.

The president of Mercadona, Juan Roig, expressed graphically in a conference during the annual meeting of the Congress of Family Business. "We have to come out of the closet. We have to leave each one in his field (...) we do Not have a good image because we do not go out, but we are the ones who create wealth in this country. The public sector is not created".

The president of Barceló, Simón Pedro Barceló, was interrupted by applause from the audience when in a discussion later criticized the current perception on the private sector: "It identifies the public sector as good and private as well as the bad. The public sector lives private". "I have not heard any politician make such an admission to any entrepreneur, which are those that have been brought to Spain of the hole," said for his part the president group Puig, Marc Puig.

The chairman of KPMG, Hilario Albarracín, proposed the creation of a Day of the Entrepreneur to lay claim to its social function and the chairman of Acciona, José Manuel Entrecanales, showed distaste: "The entrepreneurs we are martians to the attack, we have to leave." Both the head of Acciona as the Barceló were hard with the employers ' association CEOE. Entrecanales said that in the organization that theoretically represents "the majority are not entrepreneurs"; and Barceló showed shocked that a businessman questioned as Joan Gaspart to chair the Tourism Committee of management. However, Roig said that the majority of employers are "very nice people", that deserves recognition.

The president of the Institute of Family Business (IEF) organizer of the congress, Francisco Riberas, said to the King Felipe VI, that "it is very important to achieve that the society will recognize the family business as a positive element, something to defend and not attack and that the growth of our businesses is positive for the society, and is not at the expense of our workers, as some voices seem to say".

The King, who inaugurated the annual meeting of the IEF, provided support to this stream of outrage business: "you Deserve the greatest recognition, and that your contribution is known and recognized by our society, for our youth."

Entrecanales was further away and, in one of the talks of the day, appealed to the business leaders to hold public office to "the deterioration of the political". Entrecanales lamented that "the policy suffers from an impairment" that is not only of Spain, but "the West" and that it is not only recent, but "of the last decades". As a result, "entrepreneurs should consider joining the policy when you finish your executive career". Marc Puig, surprised, exclaimed fun: "don Jose Manuel for president!", what Entrecanales replied that it was not referring to himself, for now, because you are still left with "15 years" in executive positions at Acciona.

The president of the IEF was not as far as Entrecanales, but announced that his association will try to be more influential in the social debate. "Entrepreneurs family must be an active part in the design and construction of the new economic model of the country". Banks eluded to, like the rest, criticism direct to the Government, since Peter Sanchez will come today to the closing, but called for "fair taxes" for companies.

The president of Mercadona reached 117.000 million per year, bringing the companies, including taxes and social contributions to the State. "We have to pay the taxes that we touch, but also demand that we return it in education, health care, infrastructure, or pension benefits. We must fulfil, but also require".

Roig was the most forceful in the defense of the employer: "Our function is not known, it is ignored or not valued". "If you want to maximize profits, we would have to dedicate to the drug", he went on to state. Roig flees to be politically correct and joked about, for example, the inclusive language of gender equality. Has been accepted say "entrepreneurs", by if I ran the risk of putting them "in jail", but then has spoken of "companies and empresos".

she Also lamented that the policy would be detrimental to the strength of the Spanish economy. "The mess the political and regional causes us to be more acojonados, but the economy is going". The entrepreneurs gathered concluded that the debt, fiscal policy and lack of reforms are the main threats to the Spanish economy.

The tension, secessionist and reprobaciones independence to the King also led to that Banks make a defense of the constitutional framework in the presence of Felipe VI. "We feel very proud to know that we have their support as the ultimate symbol of unity and stability that we all want for our country, especially in times as complex as that we live in", said the president of the IEF on the King, who was received with a loud ovation.

Felipe VI praised the business work for their "dedication and courage, without fear, to recognize that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose".

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Date Of Update: 03 November 2018, 19:00

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