Left-wing populism: France Green make the culture of small

"In the programmes of the French Greens is a lot of permaculture, but just a little bit of culture of speech", the daily newspaper "Libération" with some su

Left-wing populism: France Green make the culture of small

"In the programmes of the French Greens is a lot of permaculture, but just a little bit of culture of speech", the daily newspaper "Libération" with some surprise. The home page of the "Europe Ecologie Les Verts" (EELV) confirms this impression. In the section "Small party of big ideas" is about the animals and the nature. To the women, peace, Europe and social justice. Not to culture. In the presidential election of 2017, the Greens presented a list of priorities, you showed up first to thirtieth place: "culture for all. A percentage of the state budget for culture.“ This "culture per cent" had been introduced by the socialists half a century ago. It stood for the utopian promise of a "culture for all".

Jürg Altwegg

Freelance writer in the arts section.

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The sudden interest for the cultural and political ideas of the French Greens, has a reason: Since the penultimate weekend they govern Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Besançon, Poitiers, Tours, Annecy – cities who spend twenty percent or more of its budget to culture. To imagine what the cities in the province expected to look to France to Grenoble, the got 2014, with Eric Piolle a green mayor. Now he was re-elected.

After his arrival, Piolle had banned the display of posters and Grenoble to the first advertising-free town in Europe. By Marc Minkowski, directed "Musiciens du Louvre", he noted, the municipal subsidies, the contribution for the prestigious "Maison de la Culture" he cut. A concert hall and two libraries were closed. For this, Piolle-founded a Street Art Festival and a Funfair. The Director and playwright Joël Pommerat criticized this new culture of politics as "populist, and liberal", that is: commercial.

Grégory Doucet, the new mayor of Lyon, in the schools, only organic food is served. Half of it must be purchased from local producers – but only six percent of the farmers do without chemicals. The surroundings of the school houses is car-free, the Playground landscaped. Doucet in mind a "children-friendly city". His office, he has taken over from the socialist Gérard Collomb, who reigned in Lyon for twenty years as mayor and as his successor, a Republican, had supported.

As the "first symbolic measure" promises to Doucet, a Corona-utility of four million Euro for the culture. Also in Lyon to prevent their collapse. New municipal head of Cultural Affairs, Nathalie Perrin-Gilbert is. It is close to the extreme left-wing "Indomitable France." The culture budget will continue, promises to Doucet. However, there will be a "redistribution". "The stage pictures of the Opera house are very expensive and are only used for a few performances," he had said before the election, in an Interview. Nathalie Perrin-Gilbert also believes that it is irresponsible to Finance with the money of the taxpayers, the top salaries of the Director and the fees of the soloists. Of the Opera, she is already required to inspect the accounting. Until the end of the year, a new Director of the Théâtre de la Croix-Rousse, must be appointed. The city funded it, together with the Region, wants to cut their subsidies.

Lyons city government plans to "estates-General for cultural rights". You are the new buzzword in the cultural policy, the need to align itself increasingly to the preferences, demands, needs of the population. In Bordeaux, their enforcement, a Petition was required. Mayor Pierre Hurmic divides the "great discomfort", which he wants to counter with a survey of the population. The Opera house, he has a penchant for the "Elite" under. Also in Marseille, where for 25 years the Republican Jean-Claude had ruled Gaudin, and in Strasbourg, the Opera house is the first cultural and political test case for the new green Mayors. In Paris, the Opera Bastille, to strike and Lockdown and fifty million euros of debt has.

Date Of Update: 06 July 2020, 08:19

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