Michelle Obama Podcast: Yes(terday) To

Picky, in terms of booked appointments is not Barack Obama, for a long time. So he was a year ago, in the midst of Life-to marvel at a Coach-Laber pockets in th

Michelle Obama Podcast: Yes(terday) To

Picky, in terms of booked appointments is not Barack Obama, for a long time. So he was a year ago, in the midst of Life-to marvel at a Coach-Laber pockets in the Cologne Arena, on one of the idiotic Events that this city has. What makes a good World Leader, they wanted to know from him. Work to targets, instead of applause, was the answer.

this Time, however, Obama really had no choice, and the hostess says exactly, but it is his clever wife, the hundred days before the presidential election in the United States on the platform of Spotify, its quite private giving, "Michelle Obama Podcast" from the leash down. The first episode, in the heart of President Barack Obama was a guest, shows that it is quite important to give the democratic America hearing. A not only of the Corona-pandemic hopelessly overburdened President Donald Trump does not have to be offended that his Name is mentioned a single Time, because it is Central to everything Trump stands for: the aporia of the recklessness and the social coldness of neo-liberalism.

The hostess wants to talk to close friends and Relatives about what defines us, of physical self-experience up to Parenthood. The first episode is all but equal to a special – currently relationship, that of citizens to their community disturbed. In the exchange with a jovial Barack Obama ("It's me!"), the lot is in a good mood brought, not to be told to us, the two often included biographies, once again, it's just that you are rich here, even to the White house, because the point is already made in advance. We know that in simple, but very orderly, who grew up Michelle Robinson was, nor a lack of love actions, such as her rather chaotic family structures, views of spouse, the stresses that his closest friends all came from the workers or middle class. In your children's world, the Obama's, revel in the "We have counted" more than the "I". Of the family, you've learned humility: "We are not special." You have to take care of all of them. The way led, of course, in both cases, at the Harvard University. Everywhere you can hear here unspoken tips to prevent Obama's successor, who grew up as we know, in inherited luxury, without the need of something to can, and at every opportunity emphasized, to be specific.

In the division of American society over

this Podcast has been Produced and it is further Spotify are planned in cooperation – not just immodest "Higher Ground", named production company of the Obama's, the maintains for two years, a lucrative Netflix collaboration. The rhetorical (and a bit risky) trick is to just not Exceptional to World-Leader-spheres reaching to put careers, but a brave humility: Barack Obama did the same knew, that the battle for civil rights are more important than a brilliant legal career and big money, while Michelle realized it is still short its rise to fantasies of divine, but in the withdrawn resident law firm of Sidley & Austin that she would be in the city of Chicago happier. It had been also the altruism Baracks, in the Michelle fell in love, as the spouse wisecrack, "just my look".

The entertainment culminates in the easy-to-pensioners in prison-looking analysis, the current Situation is characterised by the loss of good old common sense (why, is not the question). There is a "Dog eat Dog"mentality, a self-centered materialism, a great insatiability. We will be in the Form of We-against-the available. Policy mean for many of today's self-protection. And the trust in politics was also wounds, therefore, be welded, because for a good government job no Marketing will be made. The peculiar simplicity of these arguments is emphasized by the priestly verkündi tone, Barack Obama strikes, while Michelle takes care of at least Marketing in their own right: "You are the Yes-we-can-Man."

Almost absurd it is, if Barack Obama is expressing in the face of the Black-Lives-Matter-movement, his hope, the young Generation will embrace the values of the fifties, sixties and seventies "again". It is not, in fact, to overcome these decades, once and for all? Obama, too, comes to doubt, and he shoves: of course, without exclusion, racism, sexism, homophobia and all that. These "values" but not so easy to separate? Nothing is said about the Obama presidency (since the Protagonist in retrospect, it seems, but with applause, very satisfied): If you can not remember at the time that the warm words against the radicalisation't help?

Date Of Update: 01 August 2020, 16:19