Shot business lawyer: Defiant to the last

As the presiding judge, the judgment is announced, all of Alexander Falk a straight face. He seems to have expected, that he will not leave the courtroom withou

Shot business lawyer: Defiant to the last

As the presiding judge, the judgment is announced, all of Alexander Falk a straight face. He seems to have expected, that he will not leave the courtroom without a sentence of imprisonment. It had suggested itself. The Hamburg business man leaves the building as a free man, because the court of assizes chamber of the danger of collusion longer sees neither a flight risk nor a warrant cancels. But the thing is not over by a long way. That Falk would insert in the case of a conviction appeal to the Federal court of justice, was clear. And his defender Björn Gercke announces the directly connection with the set, Falk was happy with the verdict.

Anna-Sophia Lang

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

This is the feel he gives during the two-hour-long verdict of expression. While the presiding judge Jörn always explains Schmitt to him why the court came to the conclusion that Falk was the Principal of an attack on a Frankfurt lawyer, whispers and laughs of the defendant with his counsel. It is exactly such behaviour, the Chairman at the beginning of the proclamation speaks first, and remarkably long. The words are clear: Irreverent, odd, offensive, arrogant, presumptuous, unprofessional, and even subjective threat, he calls the way that Falk's lawyers have encountered in the process chamber, the Prosecutor and the Investigator. "The limits were sometimes exceeded significantly." And also on the registry of the media lawyer Ralf Höcker, who has accompanied the procedure for Falk, he takes reference: He refers to the importance of an independent press reporting of criminal proceedings was.

by feelings Of revenge-driven

How complicated the procedure was, it shows on the last Day of the trial once again. Again and again came new, strange storylines that emerged in new figures, or alleged to be exculpatory evidence. The fact that the Hamburg regional court for attempted fraud, sentenced Alexander Falk became friends in prison with a deep in organized crime caught up fellow inmates, a business relationship with him and his brother arrived and the two finally commissioned to steal data in the registry of the later shot lawyer, which should exonerate him, looks incredible.

The court is convinced that Falk commissioned between December 2009 and February 2010, those brothers, to organize an attack on the lawyer of the law firm Clifford Chance. He was driven by feelings of revenge, because he hated and persecuted, felt by the man and his colleagues, the shoots over the years with all the hardness of attachment measures in the tens of millions against him. "They made the decision to punish him", says the Chairman. "He should know whom he has to do it." On 8. February 2010, shot by an Unknown to the lawyer in front of his house in Frankfurt-West in the thigh. Even in the ambulance, the Wounded drew the attention of the police, that he might bring civil proceedings against Alexander Falk, and in him is the source of the attack suspect.

"attack on the rule of law"

The testimony of the lawyer is also one of the most important evidence on which the judgment is based. A SMS comes five days before the fact, sent to the court is Convinced that one of the brothers Falk: "Granny gets her well-deserved Spa break." In addition, the judgment is based on the tape recording, on the Falk over the fence is happy and all sorts of rates, says that the clues according to the court, is clearly to him as a Client. At the latest, so that the chamber sees the Tati interest Falk's evidence of other, more plausible scenarios that could explain the stop, did not result in the taking of evidence in your eyes. The dubious star witness and other witnesses from the haze of the circle of the brothers B. were according to the judgment, although in addition, but not crucial.

The Chairman referred to the stroke, as previously, the Prosecutor's office, as an "attack on the rule of law". "This fact brings to mind the expression," he says to Falk. "You have a high level of criminal energy. This is not a Standard.“ Criminal sharpening the judges also evaluate the consequences of the crime for the victim's family. For years, these have now have to endure, as the father of the first shooting training and then from fear of a new attack, a gun had to have. This consequence was Falk, who has five children and as a family man is, been aware of. After ten months of the Falk-process is in order to the end. How it goes from there is now up to the BGH.

Date Of Update: 09 July 2020, 18:20

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