So you respond correctly, if at the car the rear breaks out view

"Look, mom – no hands." As a child, many want to impress with Velo-art pieces. And as an adult in the car. Either as a car Poser or with your driving skills:

So you respond correctly, if at the car the rear breaks out view

"Look, mom – no hands." As a child, many want to impress with Velo-art pieces. And as an adult in the car. Either as a car Poser or with your driving skills: "Look, without ESP!" With often fatal consequences. Especially in cars with high-performance switched-off assistance systems such as the Electronic stability program (ESP) plus Cockiness, plus a lot of Tempo often is not good. Some drivers believe, to have the car at any time so well that nothing can happen. But the physics cannot be tricked.

which car, the rear can break out?

especially in the case of models of the BMW brand breaks out the rear? Nonsense! Any car with rear-wheel drive is not susceptible to it, if the driver has it in the handle or the ESP turns off. Ford Mustang about limousines such as the Jaguar XE and XF, Mercedes E-class or Lexus IS, the Roadster Mazda MX-5, many Pick-ups with on-demand all-wheel drive like the Toyota Hilux to small cars like the Renault Twingo and Smart Fortwo: they all have rear-wheel drive. If you have not ordered, such as in the case of BMW or Mercedes possible, the all-wheel drive Option.

And, of course, many classic cars, from the classic British Roadster up to the VW beetle or Camper. You have, of course, still no electronics, can intervene.

when you can break out the rear?

In all models, with rear-wheel drive, the rear can break loose, if the wheel is turned at high speed to greatly. A classic example of this so-called Overdrive: We drive too fast through a curve or accelerating in a curve, to strong. Then only one, white BMW-instructor Klaus Heimerl helps: "the way of Breaks in the curve, the rear needs to react to the driver as quick as a flash: Gas off, clutch in, and immediately countersteer."

Ideally, everything is to be done immediately at the same time. So, you can prevent the car uncontrollably into a Spin. To do this, one must feel, however, in which direction the tail goes in the right direction, counter-steer, otherwise the Situation is even more dramatic. The correct counter-steering takes some Practice.

For the necessary Exercise of the public Road but in the wrong place. Train it on the skid pan driving courses, for example, by the TCS, or those of manufacturers and importers, which are specially matched to the characteristics of the respective models.

How does the ESP?

Also: For the last twenty years, there is a technical assistant that helps the car Oversteer (by the way, is also under control – slips, the car, despite the steering straight ahead) to control the Electronic stability program ESP:! If individual wheels lose the Grip on the Asphalt, wet, ice, or high speed, the ESP the car by means of targeted brake intervention on individual wheels on the steered course and prevent Swerving and overturning.

Since 1. November 2014 the ESP in the case of every new car is mandatory. Why is it that, nevertheless, still skidding accidents? The ESP cannot prevent an Outbreak of the stern completely, but reduces it just so much that the majority of drivers can keep the car easily under control. Or his intervention, not notice.

But from a certain speed, the technique can not prevent the car uncontrollably into a Spin.

May I turn off the ESP?

on most cars the ESP can be opened by the key that has to be pressed to disable as well. There are, depending on the manufacturer different levels; only in the rarest of cases, it is disabled completely. Can you turn off? Yes. In the Winter on snow it can be useful, the ESP and the traction control during Start-up shortly to turn off, if the Tires are missing by turning, so Grip, and the ESP can hold the car and then again and again and so the Start-up is prevented.

But in all other situations, you should leave the Finger from the key: Without ESP, the driver is required more especially in the case of performance models quickly overwhelmed.

thanks to ESP cars with rear-wheel drive are basically just as safe as vehicles with Front - or all-wheel drive. Not provided, the driver overdo it with the Tempo. Or switches off, against his better Knowledge the ESP.

Updated Date: 12 June 2020, 10:50

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