The 1224-HP electric sports car to drive

Krešimir introduces himself with his nickname "Crash". How, please? Yes, Yes, you heard right: "Crash". The have to do only with the first name and absolute

The 1224-HP electric sports car to drive

Krešimir introduces himself with his nickname "Crash". How, please? Yes, Yes, you heard right: "Crash". The have to do only with the first name and absolutely nothing to do with his driving style, he declares, and smiles. This can be fun: a test drive with the electric super sports Rimac Concept One – top speed 355 car from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds – and the Chauffeur is called "Crash". You should get in there now, really?

After all: It Krešimirs is not the first exit with the (almost) silent hit. He regularly piloted potential buyers or journalists through the Hinterland of Zagreb in Croatia. A personal test drive at the wheel of the One-million-Euro runabout? It is only available for customers who pay a 10-percent Deposit. So 100'000 euros put on the table. And even the Privileged are allowed only on one cordoned-off track driving. Because the Concept One must be able to handle: The two-seater has 1224 HP, speed 355 the maximum limited speed. Because of the range and the safety.

A total of only eight copies on went up in flames: The English TV-test pilot Richard Hammond (formerly of "Top Gear", now "The Grand Tour") notch at a TV shoot at the hillclimb Hemberg SG over an embankment. Balance sheet after the departure of the flight, and several Flashovers damage: a broken knee and total.

So get in the car. But where the door handle is? With a friendly smile, Krešimir shows the button at the bottom of the outer mirror. Press once, then the door jumps up. "Get in" is definitely the wrong word. It is rock climbing, a mixture of Clean and pure squeezing. Once inside, it sits in the Rennsitzen reasonably comfortable. In the interior of the two-seater stands out: An interior rear-view mirror, he didn't. And also no rear disc. "This car is not made to drive in reverse," says Krešimir. Reverse a piece of art is the Parking, because the wind are sleek-drop-shaped outer mirror is tiny, and squeaky Parking assistant there is not.

Now he sounds like a silenced vacuum cleaner

"Crash" manages to maneuver the car accident out of the narrow workshop. The motorway is not far from Sveta Nedelja, a suburb of Zagreb, in which the eight-year-young manufacture is located. On the way out of the commercial area of the car shows the same: The suspension has in Rimac is not a top priority. That would only bring the weight and the acceleration inhibit. The acceleration is so extreme that even between the plant site and the first roundabout is clear: anyone Who wants to enjoy a ride in this car, needs a head and a stomach, the like rides on a roller coaster. The Acceleration lane of the motorway, the input gear purrs highly straightforward to 130. Now the car sounds like a souped-up, but the sound of muffled vacuum cleaner.

If "Crash" is not sitting straight at the wheel, he works at Rimac as a sales Manager. Therefore, he can not only Gas, but also to tell stories. The digital speedometer shows 130, as Krešimir says that the acceleration in electric cars comes without delay. Then he pressed the Pedal, the crack of the neck, the Rimac jumps from 130 to 230. That the speed limit on Croatian highways is 130 km/h, takes care of "Crash" in the Moment less. The front passenger is rubbing his Neck, as Krešimir stresses, today he was going to really "like a gentleman". Finally, it was a customers car that you cannot drive up to the stop. His boss, company founder Mate Rimac is because "a lot of merciless".

No one accelerates faster: The Rimac Concept Two is the successor model of the Concept One. Photo: PD

This is also true for the next model from the house of Rimac. The Concept of the Two, has 1900 HP and 412 km/h top speed. From 0 to 100 it accelerates in 1.97 seconds and from 0 to 300 in 11.8 seconds. Thus, the Concept of the Two, is considered to be the fastest accelerating car in the world. It also Turbos such as Ferraris and Bugattis can be so behind. The folly has its price: Who wants to be one of the 150 copies have, it must invest 1.79 million euros. 2020, the current will be spinning with double doors to the street. Currently, the crash tests for the approval necessary to run.

You have to see him, because listen, he's not

The relatively lame Concept One whirring down the highway. Up on a curvy country road. Non-existent suspension or not, the road location leaves nothing to be desired. The passenger hopes anyway, because of the pace, with the "Crash" in the tight curves crashes. Now, if a big truck came around the corner, I think. And a big truck comes around the corner. The right foot lifts reflexively to the bottom, although on the passenger side is far and wide, no brake pedal. Now schepperts. Schepperts now? No, the Rimac, has not only an insane acceleration, but a brake discs made of carbon ceramic. That one recovers also the energy, the don't care right now at all.

the four wheels of the Concept, the Two are Powered by a liquid-cooled electric motor. The driver can set on an iPad-sized Touchscreen on the centre console, which mode he would like to have: Sport, Race, Custom, or Range. Range stands for the range; according to the manufacturer, the Concept One moves "up to 350 kilometers" wide. The Concept of the Two, to even create a 550 km range. For both specifications, the following applies: the drive must be style a lot more gentleman-like, as in the case of "Crash".

At the end of the test drive is parked Krešimir the car next to an older Renault. On closer Inspection, the subsequently - mounted cameras and Radar and Lidar Sensors are visible. At Rimac, you make on auto-pilot, reveals Krešimir, the Concept of the Two, was already prepared for the (fully automated) Level 4 Driving. The first shipped models are not able to yet, but later on, the Autopilot should be playing up.

no Matter whether with or without the Autopilot: The Concept One and Concept Two of the Rimac are one of those cars that are driven to admiring glances from passers-by in the us. You want to be something Special. Because you drive all of them and even purely electric, they emit in addition to the appeal of the New, avant-garde.

But one must know the attention of adoring buyers: The Rimac, it is striking, in contrast to the Ferraris and Bugattis – only then, when he is really seen. Due to the engine noise turns in the villages around Sveta Nedelja none. He's simply too quiet.

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