A Guide for Real Estate Business Owners: How to Improve Your HR Department

As a real estate business owner, you would be forgiven for thinking that your property inspectors and agents are the biggest asset to your company.

A Guide for Real Estate Business Owners: How to Improve Your HR Department

As a real estate business owner, you would be forgiven for thinking that your property inspectors and agents are the biggest asset to your company. True, the success of your organization does hinge on their ability to do their jobs well and seal deals for you. Your inspectors and agents cannot do their jobs properly if they don’t have a dedicated team of HR professionals backing them up every step of the way. It is for this reason why you must pull out all the stops when it comes to improving your human resources department.
To find out how this can be achieved, be sure to read on.

Empower them with technology

Do you want your HR team to work in a highly productive and efficient manner throughout the course of each working day? If so, then you must empower them with a number of different pieces of technology.

If you run an inspection business, this means granting them access to home inspection software. This software solution will streamline your HR team’s workflow by automating their scheduling, reporting, and billing procedures. As a result of you making this technology available to them, they will be able to spend less time dealing with administrative tasks and more time tending to the needs of your inspectors. The end result? A happy and more efficient workforce across the board.

Talk to them about your recruitment expectations

Your HR department will be responsible for your hiring and on-boarding process. If you want them to attract, interview and choose the very best real estate agents, it’s essential that you talk to them about your specific recruitment expectations. If you run a home inspection business, for example, and you want to hire an inspector that is capable of surveying older homes, you should make it clear to your HR team that you want candidates who have experience in this niche field. By taking the time to talk to your human resources department about your issue, you’ll find yourself employing better, more dedicated, and more productive staff members going forward.

Keep them abreast of the latest company developments

Your HR team is responsible for creating and updating your workspace safety procedures. They cannot perform this all-important task to the best of their ability, however, if you don’t keep them in the loop of all the latest developments within your company. Be sure, then, to keep them updated whenever you seek to implement a massive change to your company’s workflow.

Offer them perks and benefits

If you want your HR department to retain a high level of motivation over a sustained period of time, you should make a number of perks and benefits available to them. Going down this motivation route (rather than the punishment one) will give your employees something worthwhile to work towards and attain.

Here are just a few employee perks and benefits that you should consider offering your HR department:

  • Health insurance
  • Extra vacation time
  • Pension plans
  • 401(k) plans
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Sick days
  • Paid holidays
  • Late-start Mondays
  • Company meals

Improve inter-departmental collaboration

Your HR staff will need to communicate with all of your other departments on a daily basis. To ensure that they are able to perform this all-important task, you should resolve to improve your company’s inter-departmental collaboration. This can be achieved by:

  • Make sure everybody is provided with context relating to the jobs they are asked to perform
  • Ensure that everybody interacts with each other in some form or another
  • Hold weekly leadership and management meetings
  • Set company-wide goals that impact your entire workforce
  • Form teams that are comprised of workers from different departments
  • Hire somebody to act as a bridge between your various departments
  • Implement general channels and platforms of communication
  • Throw social events and invite everybody to come along
  • Organize quarterly retreats for one or two members of each department

If you want your real estate company to fulfill its potential and reach the pinnacle of its industry, then you must resolve to improve your HR department at all costs. The more productive and efficient these team members are on a daily basis, the better chance your agents and inspectors will have of being able to seal lucrative deals for you. It is essential, then, that you heed all of the advice laid out above. Empower your HR workers with technology, talk to them about your recruitment expectations, keep them up to date of your latest company developments, offer them perks, improve your company-wide inter-departmental collaboration, and you’ll be sure to optimize your human recourses team in no time.

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