Alternatives to R-22 Freon For Your Air Conditioning System

R-22 Freon is something that you may have to replace in your refrigeration system

Alternatives to R-22 Freon For Your Air Conditioning System

R-22 Freon is something that you may have to replace in your refrigeration system. Here's some information about how this works.

Best Replacement

When you have to replace R-22 with an alternative for whatever reason, the most common replacement that people suggest is R-407c. The reason for this is that you don't get much of a loss in capacity. The estimation is that your capacity loss could be as low as 0%, in other words. Plus, this replacement alternative is often known for being far more economical than any other potential replacement.

Replacement Process

It's important to note that if your air conditioning system already has the R-22 in it already, then you can't really replace it in a simple manner with a different replacement. The reason for this is that R22 is a system unto itself. It's a homogeneous substance. In contrast, the replacement refrigerants are not. They are almost always comprised of several different refrigerants. The original R22 has many different characteristics that no one refrigerant can copy. This has to be done by mixing a bunch of others altogether. These characteristics include things like specifictemperatures and pressure traits. Other problems include the fact that many systems from years past use the POE oil. If this is the case, you will often be unable to use a replacement.

There are exceptions, however. You can use M099 if you want. Another problem is old HVACs use a thinner mineral. This also works poorly with anything besides R22. So, the point of all this is that replacement is a delicate process that you will definitely want to think about carefully. You may have to figure out options for whoever owns the system if there is incompatibility.

Important Considerations

Additionally, you should pay attention to the warranty for the system if you're looking to replace R22. Many manufacturers will have a problem with this and it could jeopardize the continuing or new warranty if you try to replace it. Many manufacturers don't have a full understanding of what will happen to their system if the R22 is replaced with something else.

It's worth reiterating that adding a replacement refrigerant to a system with any R22 in it could be dangerous to the system. It is potentially possible to take out the R22 and getting something more economical, however. There are many possibilities, but again R-407c is often going to be your best bet. It's also inadvisable to try putting POE oil in any system that still has mineral oil in it still, even if it's just a small amount. This could screw up the ability of meters to properly do their job.

Another consideration is if the compressor fails. If you do this, then what you need to do is put in a replacement. This is because newer compressors take the POE oil. They work well with other replacement refrigerants too. This appears to be the way the future is going, so if your compressor fails, this is likely going to be a good option for you to try because otherwise, you could end up with a problem that creates a leak eventually.

It's much better to prepare for this now then it is to suffer the consequences for it down the line.

Alternative Refrigerants

One of the reasons for the need for replacing R22 is that it's being left behind. Around ten years ago, there was a ban of the production of the substance. This means that there would be plenty of it still around during that time period since there would be some exceptions and plenty of it in existing systems. Starting within a few years, there may be a full ban on using it altogether. Before the ban goes into effect, which could vary greatly by region, there's going to be a need to find replacement options. The reason for the ban is that it has been found to potentially cause damage to the environment. So instead, there's a whole list of options to put in its place, such as R-134a, R-507, R-404a, and a number of others. This includes a lot of mixes to get the right characteristics but not cause damage to the environment. Some people suggest using R-410A for air conditioning and replacements like R-404A or R-507 for refrigeration specifically.

It's obviously of considerable importance to make sure that you make a replacement as soon as you can in order to not end up with problems. This isn't all bad, however, since you definitely have the added benefit of the replacements often being a lot cheaper than the original. The alternatives, of course, also help considerably with not hurting the ozone layer.


The Environmental Protection Agency actually has a number of guidelines for these alternatives. For one thing, they help you out by making it so that they give you a number of alternatives based on any specific system. It is true that you may have to modify any system you use first, however. It will likely have to be changed in order to accommodate the new replacements since R22 was the standard for so many years in older systems.

The other important part of this is that people trained in the old R22 approach may have to get new training for the new system. It will likely be all new to them, so it will be important to make sure that they understand how to keep up with repairs with all of the new stuff, in addition to being trained in how to install it.

Plus, you need to double check that the refrigerant replacement being used is the right kind that doesn't hurt the ozone layer. Depending on where you live, this could be a problem for you and any business you're attached to if you don't conform to this standard. This information is available on the EPA website. You also need to make sure that none of the alternative refrigerants get out into the atmosphere since it's highly illegal to do this with any knowledge. Fortunately, it's possible to recapture anything that you accidentally release provided that you use the right equipment.

Date Of Update: 21 February 2022, 14:38

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