Can a drunk driver be sued for wrongful death in a fatal accident?

In Texas, victim families can sue a drunk driver for causing the wrongful death of another person.

Can a drunk driver be sued for wrongful death in a fatal accident?

Road Fatalities are High in Texas

In Texas, victim families can sue a drunk driver for causing the wrongful death of another person.

Acute injuries happen every day across the United States. Some of these injuries lead to a wrongful death action by an irresponsible person. Larger cities such as Dallas, Texas, reports that every day at least three people will die due to severe injuries from an auto accident.

Texas drivers are at tremendous risk of losing their lives on a Texas road. Losing a life due to severe car accident injuries is the leading cause of death for those living in Dallas and nearby areas. The sad truth is that most of these reported accident injuries by a negligent driver could be preventable.

When anyone in Texas loses their life to accident injuries, it leaves their family members and friends to face a deep sadness and grief that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Family members of a lost loved one will get through this challenging time, but they cannot forget what happened. Read on to learn more about wrongful death lawsuits in the state of Texas.

Drunk Drivers, Compensation, and Criminal Charges

Fatal vehicle accidents in Dallas occur about every two to three hours due to driver error. Cases involve reckless driving such as speeding, distracted drivers, falling asleep at the wheel because of fatigue, fast and improper lane changes, and drunk driving.

The attorney must prove responsibility and breach of duty of a drunk driver. This driver can be sued for wrongful death in a fatal accident and pay high levels of compensation. This person can be found guilty and go to jail on criminal charges due to killing someone on the road.

How Does a Fatal Car Accident Affect Survivors?

A fatal car accident means that the person who lost their life left behind a financial mess for the family to sort through and clean up. The responsibility lies with the irresponsible person who is at fault. Within 24 hours or less of a fatal accident, an appointed family member needs to seek an experienced wrongful death attorney.

There is always a mound of escalating medical bills, personal debts, and end of life expenses such as funeral debt that the family must deal with in addition to their overwhelming grief. This death occurred through the neglect of someone else.

Victim families must receive justice and compensation for losing a loved one. Until this happens, the family cannot realize closure. Know that according to the state of Texas, victims have a two year limit on filing paperwork for a wrongful death lawsuit.

The Ideal Wrongful Death Attorney

This attorney needs to express empathy with the family and listen to their concerns. This attorney is skilled in wrongful death cases and needs to be trustworthy, patient, kind, experienced, seasoned, and remain by the side of the grieving family from start to finish of the lawsuit.

The Benefits of Hiring a Wrongful Death Attorney

Wrongful death cases are this attorney's expertise. This attorney can obtain an adequate settlement and enough money for the family to pay for the deceased's debts. A family never should consider a lawsuit as a way to grab cash or worry about what other people think of them if they decide to sue for compensation. Your attorney deals with accident witnesses, insurance agents, interviews all involved persons, and advises family members. It takes the expertise of a wrongful death attorney to deal with insurance companies and navigate the justice system in a court of law.

This attorney does an in-depth investigation to determine who was a fault and must prove to the court that damages were done to the victim and their family.



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