GHG quota: CO2 bonus for electric drivers

Electromobility is the future.

GHG quota: CO2 bonus for electric drivers

Electromobility is the future. The financial incentives for car buyers are correspondingly extensive. Do you know what the GHG quota is all about? And how this brings cash year after year?

Experts agree: Without a growing proportion of emission-free mobility - the so-called traffic turnaround - it is not possible to achieve our climate goals. The state has created a variety of incentives to sensitize companies and private individuals to electromobility. Did you know, for example, that as the owner of an electric car you can benefit from the GHG quota year after year and thus monetize the climate-friendliness of your car? In this context, there is often talk of a CO2 bonus.

The term GHG quota stands for greenhouse gas reduction quota. This is based on the legal obligation of certain corporations to reduce their CO2 emissions below specified thresholds. But not all companies can do this on their own – the energy sector and industry, for example, are considered to be particularly CO2-heavy.

If this is the case, the companies concerned can “buy” the CO2 savings from environmental energy companies or, since 2022, from e-vehicle owners to compensate. The result is an attractive win-win scenario from which not only the environment but also the owners of electric vehicles benefit directly.

Uncomplicated registration: How is the CO2 bonus granted?

The fact is: If you drive an electric car, you make an active contribution to climate protection and do something good for the environment. However, e-vehicles are still more expensive to buy than comparable vehicles with combustion engines. So selling the GHG quota can be an attractive cash back option.

And that is completely uncomplicated. After all, private individuals who want to monetize their GHG quota do not contact the companies that are subject to quotas directly. The sale is handled by special service providers who mediate between the drivers, the companies that are subject to quotas and the Federal Environment Agency. Incidentally, as a HUK24 customer, it is particularly easy. Because HUK24 offers this service through a certified partner, who also pays out a particularly high bonus. Only a vehicle registration document is required for registration.

What happens after registration?

If you have registered your vehicle for the sale of the GHG quota, this will be checked by the Federal Environment Agency. The bonus of e.g. EUR 350 is then paid out by the intermediary for one year. An extension is then possible without any problems.

Good to know: The GHG quota regulation initially applies until 2030. Some e-car owners use the bonus to donate them to environmentally friendly causes.

Would you like more information about the CO2 bonus? Find out more here: Sell your GHG quota now and secure a CO2 bonus (