How to optimise the costs of your business

Optimisation of costs is one of the major features of running a business

How to optimise the costs of your business
Optimisation of costs is one of the major features of running a business. The achieved savings may be used to accelerate development or to provide adequate financial security for the company. Businesses can look for effective ways to reduce expenses in various spheres of their operations. What is more, it can be done without taking drastic steps.

Optimise your accounting

Accounting is one of the most important elements of every company. However, engaging a specialist in this area is very expensive. In order to reduce expenses, small companies may decide to outsource accounting and delegate tasks to external companies.

Entrepreneurs may also decide to run accounting matters on their own. In such a case, an online accounting service may be helpful, providing the necessary tools, usually with a small monthly fee.

No reason to have your own office

Renting an office generates significant costs. In the case of freelancers, small companies or sole proprietorship, an alternative may be the so-called coworking space, i.e. an office in which one workstation can be rented. Such places offer not only a desk and access to the internet, but more and more often also conference rooms, correspondence service and photocopying facilities. Entrepreneurs can use the office without worrying about media fees, costs of employing a secretary or a cleaning team.

Save on printing

Savings can also be found when printing documents. Businesses can introduce duplex printing that reduces the amount of paper used. The printer's economy mode, as well as grayscale printing are additional advantages.

Another matter concerns the issuing of invoices. Costs related to this include not only printing but also sending documents to contractors. If possible, companies should resign from traditional invoices in favour of electronic versions sent via email.

Exchange currency in a better way

For international companies, some agreements and contracts are paid in a foreign currency. Therefore, companies have to exchange currencies on which they can also save. The online platform ( offers attractive rates and no additional fees. If funds are exchanged regularly in this way, considerable savings can be made.

The services offered at can also be useful if the company has a loan or lease in a foreign currency. Through standing orders and payment orders, liabilities can be repaid automatically and with attractive terms.

The Conotoxia Collect service enables unification of currency flows, attractive exchange rates and favourable fees for money transfers. The service has been perfectly tailored to the needs of companies with a global business profile.

Date Of Update: 28 November 2018, 10:55