The Effects of Getting A DUI in California

DUI or Driving Under the Influence is a serious crime that carries severe punishment irrespective of your location

The Effects of Getting A DUI in California

DUI or Driving Under the Influence is a serious crime that carries severe punishment irrespective of your location. Many states in the U.S. regard this as a criminal offense and a violation of traffic regulation.

An individual will be sentenced to jail if there is damage to property, injury or loss of life of a third party as a result of drunk driving.

Although California's DUI penalties are not severe compared to other states in the U.S., it should not be taken casually.

You will be fined or charged with about $1,500 to $2,500 on your initial violation or be imprisoned for at least two days. You can also exchange the fine and the jail punishment for community service or can be canceled whenever you complete your sentence. Offenders are also expected to participate in an alcohol rehabilitation program that will last for many months.

Therefore, you require the services of an experienced DUI attorney if you are charged to court for a DUI offense. You can be sentenced between three to five years of probation once your case has been handled.

However, you can get your case dismissed by obtaining the most effective DUI attorney like the Sevens Legal, APC - DUI Lawyers that will utilize legal issues, arguments, and justifications that may not be influenced by your legal BAC limit.
Although the court usually suggests a simple type of probation that does not demand constant visitation from the probation officer for minor initial violations. However, you will need to constantly keep in touch with your caseworker which can be easily carried out through mail or by phone.

You are also required to contact the authorities whenever you intend moving out of the state or changing your location and it is within the rights of your probation officer to visit you at home or at work unexpectedly. You will, therefore, have a lot to answer for if they are unable to locate you for one reason or the other. The Californian law insists that individuals who defy their probation to be imprisoned.

A Californian binary offense DUI case demands that the offender interface between two different legal bodies.
Apart from being indicted in the local court in your county, you will also need to be presented before the Department of Motor Vehicles in the state not more than 10 days after your arrest. This is done to request to reinstate your driving privileges until an official conviction. This request might be approved only by the DMV if the offense is the first or second.

A DUI charge continues to bother any offender even after the license have been restored. The car insurance charges will double or perhaps triple after the first DUI charges and a normal offender in California can end up paying about $2,500 annually.

The worst part is that your criminal offense will be available in your background for any employer to see for about 10 years or more.

Another disadvantage of driving under the influence is that it could result in the death of others and yourself. Almost 30 people lose their lives daily in the United States, which implies that one person dies every 48 minutes. But in the last three decades, there has been a massive decrease in the death toll, although about 10,000 lives are still lost annually.

2010 is the most recent year with updated data. Deaths and damages from DUI cases incurred a cost of $44billion a year.

The statistics of men who will be drunk driving in severe accidents are higher than that of the women. 2017 offered a percentage of 21% of men being drunk compared to only 14% of women.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) stated that most people die in drunk driving crashes in July than other months and the celebration of the independence day is majorly responsible for this.

The National President of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Helen Witty said in a statement that the display of fireworks, barbecues in the backyard, and other celebrations that happen on the holiday on the July 4th includes drinking which makes it be one of the most dangerous holidays in the year.


Apart from this day, the weekend that follows is also vulnerable to drunk driving.
Witty stated that many people take advantage of this holiday into a long weekend or a week of holiday which everyone ought to be secure, have fun and designate if there’s an inclusion of alcohol.

40% of deaths related to traffic is caused by alcohol within the week of July 4th (the current year with the most recent data from NHTSA).

Methods of staying secure during the festivities are to use public routes, staying clear off major roads, and assign a specific driver.

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