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It is the robotic era now. In the past, people have lots of time. They have fewer necessities and more time

Get Plagiarized free Academic Work

It is the robotic era now. In the past, people have lots of time. They have fewer necessities and more time. They were not so busy as they are today. Their desires were less as they were unaware of high buildings and aircraft. Their main aim in life is to eat, wear, and have a roof to sleep under it. In this modern era, all these things very little exist. Now people want to get status, rank, and positions.

They have a very busy life; on days and nights, they are making a working schedule. They do not have time even for their family anв friends.

If it looks in general, then students are the busiest community in society. They are bound to do different tasks daily. Reading thick books and analyzing it is the common practice of them. To get up early in the morning and go to bed late at night is their standard practice. Giving time to the library is necessary for them. They need to sit alone for many hours and repeat the lesson which he has studied in his class.

In college time, the life of these students become somewhat miserable. They are not only bound to read books but also writing assignments and term papers as well. Teachers assign different writing projects to the students, which sometimes becomes a headache for them.

These students then strive to get the help of online writers. So, due to their first experiences: they sometimes misguided and did not obtain valid materials.

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Date Of Update: 28 December 2019, 11:03

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