Judgment against Morate: "Marina felt persecuted, I was afraid and suffered physical violence"

Family and friends of the victims they portray Sergio Morate as a perpetrator 40 tests and 27 witnesses to judge Sergio Morate Morate threatened his gir

Judgment against Morate:

Family and friends of the victims they portray Sergio Morate as a perpetrator

40 tests and 27 witnesses to judge Sergio Morate

Morate threatened his girlfriend: "would you Pay money and the 'liquidate' if I let him"

Sergio Morate threatened the Navy with "if I let him hire someone, some Romanian or whoever, would pay money and that the liquidaba". This was said on Monday, Barbara M., close friend of Marina, in the first session of the trial against Morate, which is held in the Provincial court of Cuenca. The testimony of Barbara was one of the strongest of the 14 that were heard at the opening session, in which they were cited to declare the family of the two young people murdered -Navy Okarynska, 24 years of age, and the friend of the latter, Laura Hole, 26 - - in addition to our own Morate and your family.

The defendant received his right not to testify and her parents and her brother. Morate, who has a shaved head and he has filled out quite a lot during the last two years in prison, remained throughout the session, impassive, with eyes averted, almost no move, except for crossing and uncrossing the arms. Not even blinked when he heard the voice of Marina, played by the speakers in the room view.

it Was the conversation (in Russian) that the young remained in the day of his birthday -April 7, 2015, four months before his murder - with her friend Barbara and that this is recorded without that Navy knew: "I had a hunch, as that would be the last time that I saw it and had to listen to his voice and had to record it," explained Barbara, also Ukrainian and friend of the Navy "from the 13 o14 years." "The bastard, I watch where I am going and what I do", referring to Barbara that Marina said in that same conversation, when the young man had already broken with Morate and he did not accept the end of the relationship.

Suffered physical violence

The same Barbara was witness to the harassment to which it subjected: "The last time you came to my house was the 13th of January and was feeling persecuted, with fear, frightened. He chased her, until, when they came to my house after work to be with me, more than once being in the kitchen we saw the car of Sergio that was spinning". Barbara said that she had proof that Marina had suffered physical violence: "it Came with bruises on his face and arms. When I talked with her and my mother that this had to stop, he said that he could not report out of respect to his family, to the mother [the mother of Sergio Morate], because he said that he had a lot of affection to your mother."

According to this friend, Morate came to blame Navy of the testicular cancer that he suffered: "once commented to my mother that when they were in bed, in a discussion, Sergio tried to stifle it with his own hands, and that she, in her own defence, gave him a kick in the eggs, in the testes. As A result of that, Marina went to Valencia, he found a job and apartment and started a new life. The family began to call and to blame that he had cancer in the testicles by reason of the kick she had given him. She felt guilty and for that reason I had to come back with Sergio".

through their testimonies, family members and friends of the Navy have been portrayed to Morate as a perpetrator ruthless. "A night stuffed inside a car, took her to a mount, the left tucked inside the car, removed the keys and he was out four to five hours until they got bored and went to draw water.'" The testimony is from Louise L., who was a chief, and a confidant of Marine and who says that the young man murdered as well told. Luisa told that Navy even left drafted a document "if, for any day, something happened, that bastard is not off scot-free". The document, according to the former chief, was directed to the "lord Cavero", attorney common of the family of Morate and those who defend him in this trial for double murder, in which the prosecutor asks for a sentence of 48 years.

"Lift your head unhappy and look to my mother." So spoke to Alina Okarynska, the sister of Marina, to Morate the head to the stand to testify. The families of the victims have been heckled on several occasions to Morate, who has not been shown to be altered in no time. When he came into the audience and covered with a hood, Sonia, sister of Laura's Hole, he managed to jump the fence to the police and get closer to him: "don't hide, why did you kill, criminal, murderer...".

A similar scene will be lived to the exit of the Audience, with the family of Laura lunging against the van of the Guardia Civil that was Morate. At the end of her testimony, the mother of Laura del Hoyo, María Jesús G., spoke up: "I wanted to ask you a favor, mr. president and to the prosecutor and to all that are, if you give me a minute, just getting in front for him to see the face." The president of the court told her not to.

the hours before The murder

Less explicit that friends were the family of Marina. Olha Okarynska, his mother, was the first to declare. Olha, which was expressed in Spanish with difficulty and at some times needed the help of an interpreter, reconstructed the hours preceding the disappearance of his daughter. Both slept the siesta, and attended to questions from the prosecutor, when Sergio called Marina to come out to your home to pick up her things. The conversation occurred a few minutes before five in the afternoon. Later, Marina called her friend Laura to come with her, and went home.

The mother began to worry when, about six in the evening, he called his daughter and it did not respond. As he explained, Marina always answered even if to say : "I Cannot speak". After a few hours, Looks, along with her other daughter, Alina, her husband and a sister Laura and her boyfriend went to the home of Sergio Morate, where the prosecutor and the accusations placed the murder of the young. The mother of Sergio, told Olha, hugged her at the door crying.

The sister described to Morate as a person possessive and controlling, trying to dominate her sister. "He was zealous, he removed the phone... If she went out with her friends: where are you going? Who you are you going?" told the court. "Do not let her smoking and was hiding it," he continued. On one occasion in which Sergio's caught smoking, according to the sister, the insulted: "You do cacho of such... go to take the ass". Morate, said Alina, entered in social networks social Russian of his sister and used the Google translator to see with whom I spoke. The domination came to the point that Morate made you quit two jobs in restaurants "because they wanted to travel and could not because Marina was always working", and then use it in a business of your famiia.

'A nightmare'

In February of 2015, six months before the murders, Marina told her sister that she wanted to leave the relationship: "My sister told me that this relationship had to end because it was not a relationship but a nightmare". It was then that Marine would have decided to leave to Ukraine. And there was also Sergio Morate to look for it in April 2015. "I called my aunt [from Ukraine] by saying that it is here Sergio who is looking for your sister, who wants to talk to her, but she doesn't want to see him and says that he will say that it is in Barcelona. He doesn't understand me, tell". It was Alina who got on the phone and lied to Sergio.

as part of the family of Morante, only two of her aunts declared but not provided no data revealing. His lawyer, for his part, "denying the facts", claimed that there was no proof against his client and referred to the crime of Cuenca, made a century ago, and that ended with two innocent people in prison.

Date Of Update: 16 November 2018, 20:00

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