Mick Schumacher, the champion of the F3, on the footsteps of his father

Good blood cannot lie. Son of the legendary Michael Schumacher, seven-time F1 world champion, Mick "Schumi Junior" won the title of European champion in Formu

Mick Schumacher, the champion of the F3, on the footsteps of his father

Good blood cannot lie. Son of the legendary Michael Schumacher, seven-time F1 world champion, Mick "Schumi Junior" won the title of European champion in Formula 3, only 19 years old. He succeeds at the top to a Lando Norris even earlier. While it will celebrate its 19 years in a month, hope uk has already been awarded a berth in F1 for the next year at McLaren.

" We will now actively think in the next year. The decision will be taken in the coming days, " said Mick Schumacher at the channel n-tv, without going into detail. The Formula 2 seems to be the ideal option, logic. With five victories in a row in September, Mick was arrived at Hockenheim with 49 points ahead of the English Dan Ticktum, and three races to go. There was still a 39 after race 1, but missed (12), as initiated by an incident at the first round with Marcus Armstrong, while he was sailing in the top 10. The son of the "Schumi" is well caught up in race 2, won by the Estonian Juri Vips. He scored 18 points in 2nd place, putting them permanently out of the reach of Ticktum, a member of the Red Bull Junior Team.

Mick Betsch, driver, karting

"It is hard to describe, I am delighted, I am grateful to you, my dream is coming true," smiled Schumacher Junior after his 13th podium finish in 29 races in 2018, with a Mercedes engine. Toto Wolff, the Team Principal of Mercedes F1 and final boss of " Schumi ", in 2012, was appreciated : "Mick can become one of the greats of our sport ", he responded Saturday.

" This title was my goal from the beginning of the season, and I've never stopped to believe in it. We, the drivers, we do what we love. And when it works, it is the best feeling possible, " added Mick. Without forgetting to greet the Prema Powerteam Theodore Racing : "This that my team has succeeded this year is incredible. "With 347 points at the counter before the race 3, scheduled for Sunday, the son of Michael may not be joined by Ticktum, relegated with 51 points. And this first rite international will give him valuable points to get the " Super Licence ", sesame essential to drive in F1.

His father, 28 years ago, had just won the German championship of F3, the level then very relieved. It was then sacred seven-time F1 world champion, including five titles in the Scuderia Ferrari (2000-2004). The first coronation of " Schumi ", it was 18 months after the birth of the little Mick. His first laps in karting, at the age of 9, have necessarily been well attended. Then, in order to limit the impact on the media, Mick has worn on his helmet the name of his mother, Corinna Betsch.

Drama in Meribel

In December 2013, Mick was skiing with his father, retired for a year, in the French resort of Meribel, when he was seriously injured in the head, hitting a rock, between two tracks. Nearly five years later, "Schumi" is no longer in coma, according to a belgian specialist, but in a vegetative state at his home in Switzerland. He is 49 years old.

After the drama, " Mick Junior ", his nickname of the time, continued to learn his job as a driver in karting. In 2014, he finished second in the German championships, Europe and the world. Then he decided to call himself Mick Schumacher to start in single-seater racing in 2015, in Formula 4. After a first half-season is slow and poor, his first win in F4, in July 2015, was carried out at the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps. This track belgian where " Schumi ", 22 years old, was here in F1, in 1991, and signed a 7th time in qualifications, in a Jordan.

By 2016, Schumacher Jr has continued to make progress in F4, finishing second in the championships of Germany and Italy. And the family is organised, Mick being followed closely, and protected the journalists, by Sabine Kehm, the agent's history of his father. Last year, Mick is mounted in F3, but he has not shone in any of the following : 12th in the European Championship, with one podium to the key. At Monza, on the land of Ferrari, on this venerable Racetrack where dad became " The red Baron ", had won five times in F1. A blink of an eye in the course very follow-up to " Schumi Jr ". The next step, inevitably, this will be the Formula 2 in 2019, with perhaps a few practice sessions in F1. A last step to be crucial, because Mick does not intend to burn the stages. Even if it is very fast, like dad.

Date Of Update: 20 October 2018, 07:00

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